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The Enticing Illustrations For Perfumed, Pampered and Midwood by Frank Frazetta

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In the early 1960s, the masterful illustrator Frank Frazetta (1928-2010) decided to break into the pin-up art genre with Perfumed/ Pampered, a 1963 book of soft-core prose fiction for Midwood/Tower Publications.

Bosomy Females

He made ten interior drawings in ink wash, portraying bosomy females in provocative poses. Two other double novels followed, with eight illustrations in each, Unfortunately, Midwood/Tower did not hire Frazetta to paint covers, for which they had both photographers, and a proven stable of artists, most notably, Paul Rader.

Bad by Choice

The following illustrations alternate between Pampered, Perfumed, Imitation Lovers, The Wild Week, Dangerous Age and Bad by Choice...

Pampered by Frank FrazettaFig.1. Pampered Illustration #5

Body Throbbing

She started toward the bed and I had to close my eyes. Somehow I knew that it would have been too much to bear to see as well as to feel what was to come. I waited, my heart pounding , my body throbbing, for the first touch of her hand...

frank frazetta pamperedFig.2. Pampered Illustration #4

Luscious Body

She stood on the bathmat, patting herself gently with the towel, her luscious body glistening, her lovely face flushed and glowing. Something happened inside me and I began moving toward her.

perfumed Frank FrazettaFig.3. Imitation Lovers, Illustration #2


Quietly in the darkness she undressed, fumbling with buttons and zippers and hooks...

the sensuous FrazettaFig.4. Imitation Lovers Illustration #1

Soft Curve of Her Breast

As Nina leaned forward the light stroked her shoulder and slipped into shadow over the soft curve of her breast.

Perfumed Illustration FrazettaFig.5. Perfumed, Illustration #5

Cheap Motel

How could she have allowed it to happen? What had possessed her? A cheap motel....three men...strangers....

Bad by Choice Frank FrazettaFig.6. Bad by Choice, Illustration #4


A flimsy pink negligee covered her firmly rounded body.

Frazetta Bad by ChoiceFig.7. Bad by Choice, Illustration #2

Hungry Eyes

Snyder stood there, devouring her with his hungry eyes.

preliminary sketch by Frank FrazettaFig.7a.

Preliminary Sketches

The preliminary sketches of Frazetta are fascinating in particular when you compare them with the finished artwork. It's interesting to examine their contrasts and similarities. Although Frazetta experiments with the point of view and/or the composition, his preliminaries are strikingly similar to the final results.

Suck the Vitality

Various factors come to play here, including his superior skill as well as his almost photographic visual memory. Frazetta himself felt that doing too many prelims would suck the vitality out of the work; that if too many were done, the artist would have nothing left to "say" in the finished work. In the prelim of figure 8, the final composition is more restrained, and gives the viewer's imagination more space.

reclining nude frank frazettaFig. 8. Bad by Choice, Illustration #3


Terry stretched lazily, her superb figure uncurling with catlike grace.

frank frazetta illustrationFig.9. Bad by Choice, Illustration #1


There was very little about her body that suggested girlishness.

sensuous females frazettaFig.10. Dangerous Age, Illustration #4

Sensuous Steps

She strolled out of the bathroom with sensuous steps.

Dangerous age Frank FrazettaFig.11. Dangerous Age, Illustration #3

Dirty Sheet

"What dirty sheet are you trying to make with this?"

Frazetta Dangerous AgeFig.12. Dangerous Age, Illustration #2

Dangerous Territory

"I must be out of mind," she drawled. "You're dangerous territory."

frank frazetta PlayboyFig.13. Dangerous Age, Illustration #1


"Baby, you're really something."

frank frazetta beachFig.14. Illustration #2 for Perfumed.

So Eager

The hunger was growing with each passing day. How much longer would I be able to fight it? Temptation surrounded me. The young man at the lake, so strong, so clean, so available.Imitation Lovers Frank FrazettaFig.15. Illustration #3 for Perfumed

Sensuous Movement

Vera smiled with amusement  as she lifted her dress to smooth the sheer stocking, forcing the timid little man to follow each sensuous movement of her fingertips.

Frank Frazetta painter with modelFig.16. Perfumed, Illustration #4


She struck the familiar pose with a knowing smile. "What part of me would you like to work on today?" she asked throatily.

Frank Frazetta violenceFig.17. The Wild Week, Illustration #4

Thrusting Breasts

The sound of the blow echoed sharply, Patti stumbled away from him, her robe sliding free of her thrusting breasts.

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Source: The Sensuous Frazetta by J. David Spurlock