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23 Lesbian Fantasies of the American Pin-Up Illustrator Rebecca Hap

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I recently came across these erotic illustrations featuring unashamed lesbian fantasies that distantly reminded me, in style and content, of British artist Tom Poulton's libertine sketches.

For Decades

As is customary in the erotic genre, the artist works anonymously using the pseudonym Rebecca Hap. She lives in Pennsylvania, USA and has been working as an illustrator for decades (at least since the 1990s), primarily as a house artist for Eros Comix (the pornographic imprint of Fantagraphic Books from Seattle, Washington), and is one of the most prolific comic illustrators of the 21st century..

rebecca hap lesbian


Ride Me Mouth Gag

Hap’s drawings run the whole gamut of lesbian sex fantasies, including drawings of masturbating teens looking at girl's magazines, school girls performing cunnilingus in locker rooms, enema experiments with a garden hose in the swimming pool (Fig.5), mothers in slave outfit sporting a ride me mouth gag and dildo (Fig.4), naughty girls peeing and shitting or experimenting with various kinds of sex toys.

rebecca hap masturbating female


Stuffed Animals

In many images the artist plays with the idea that 'you never know what happens behind closed doors', and therefore the scenes are often placed in traditional household settings, in schools, children's rooms surrounded by stuffed animals, or during a job interview. Often the shameless lesbian girls are caught by a startled parent, spied on by a peer, or we clearly see a family photo of the parents on the wall or on a bedside table.

lesbian girls in locker room Rebecca Hap


lesbian comic Rebecca Hap


garden hose in ass in the swimming pool


Fighting For a Promotion Rebecca Hap

Fig.6. Fighting For a Promotion (Mar 2023)

lesbian girls in the supermarket


lesbian girls fist-fucking rebecca hap


girl masturbating Rebecca Hap


lesbian with strap-on Rebecca Hap


Admiring Scarlett by Rebecca Hap

Fig.11. Admiring Scarlett (Feb 2023)

lesbians interrupted cunnilingus


girl performing fellatio Rebecca Hap


nude girl on desk Rebecca Hap

Fig.14. Don't Do This (Mar 2017)

rebecca hap erotic illustrator


rebecca hap A Break From Motherhood

Fig.16. A Break From Motherhood (2023)

rebecca hap Bad Mommy

Fig.17. Bad Mommy (2017)

Rebecca Hap Substitute Teacher

Fig.18. Substitute Teacher (Mar 2023)

Rebecca Hap Put Away Wet

Fig.19. Put Away Wet (Mar 2023)

Likes What She Sees by Rebecca Hap

Fig.20. Likes What She Sees (Mar 2023)

rebecca hap Bondage Breakfast

Fig.21. Bondage Breakfast (26 March 2023)

Rebecca Hap lesbians during sales meeting


Bon-bon by Rebecca Hap

Fig.23. Bon-bon  (1998)

Did you enjoy Rebecca Hap's sapphic sensuality? You can find find out more about this elusive artist including a secret statement on her erotic fantasies and other rare older illustrations in our Premium section.

The artist shares her most recent artwork on DeviantArt.

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