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Stripperella: When Stan Lee Turned A Stripper Into a Superheroine

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The Origin Of Stripperella

Among the many characters and comic book stories that Stan Lee created, one stands out for its playful combination of sex, espionage, and superheroes. We're talking about "Stripperella," an animated series that premiered on June 26, 2003, on Spike TV with one season of 13 episodes. "Stripperella" was produced by POW! Entertainment Inc., a production company formed in 2001 by Gill Champion, Arthur Lieberman, and Stan Lee.

Stripperella Stan Lee


Stripperella Stan Lee animation


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Pamela Anderson

The series revolves around the adventures of Erotica Jones, a stripper who, in her spare time, becomes Stripperella, Agent 69, a spy for the secret society T.H.U.G.G., who, throughout her adventures, battles various villains, including Dr. Cesareans, a crazed doctor who implants nitroglycerin into his patients' breasts instead of silicone. The only thing differentiating Stripperella from Erotica is a mask and a uniform that reveals the silhouette and proportions of her body. Pamela Anderson provides the voice for the main character, and initially, her body was to be animated using motion-capture technology, an idea that was ultimately abandoned.

Stan Lee's Stripperella


Stripperella Clash of the pole dancers


Stripperella - Exotica


Satire, Parody and Sex

If satire and parody, in animations like "The Simpsons," "Family Guy," and "South Park," have become important tools for critically addressing social and cultural issues through humor, "Stripperella" fits into this context by irreverently exploring superhero and espionage film clichés through sensuality. The depiction of Erotica Jones/Stripperella as a sexualized character highlights a series of clichés used in the way the entertainment industry markets images of female characters, such as the idealized body and the skimpy outfits that the character wears. However, there is another interpretation, which suggests that the way Erotica Jones/Stripperella is represented, in fact, merely reproduces stereotypes without any critical depth.

Animation Stripperella


stripperellan Crime Doesn't pay... really doesn't

Fig.8. Crime Doesn't pay... really doesn't 

Stripperella Beauty And The Obese (Part 2)

Fig.9. Stripperella Beauty And The Obese (Part 2)

In Premium you can find nice descriptions of the other characters (like the caricatured villains) in Stripperella,, highlights from striking episodes, more on the topless scenes, the end of the series, and numerous additional images.

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