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Marijn Kruijff
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Must-See Adult Animation Movie Vulvine Reine d'Extase

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I came across this extraordinary animation movie made in 2022 by students of Master of Arts in Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking department from one of the world's leading schools for animation, Gobelins.

Vulvine Reine D'Extase PosterFig.1. Poster Vulvine Reine d'Extase (Nov 2022) 

Morbid Union

It was their graduation short film and is entitled Vulvine Reine D'Extase (Vulvina- Queen of Ecstasy). The synopsis reads, 'A Queen languishing in a desert kingdom falls in love with Death with whom she begins a carnal relationship. This morbid union becomes an obsession for her.  An obsession that will lead the Queen to her end…'

Before we start the movie first some teasing still frames...

Vulvine Reine D'ExtaseFig.2.

Vulvine Reine D'Extase animationFig.3.

Vulvine Reine D'Extase GobelinsFig.4.

Vulvine Reine D'Extase animation DeathFig.5.

Earlier the movie was removed from YouTube, Pornhub and Vimeo but can now be watched here.

Click HERE for the onanistic imagery of the French illustrator Bambi Fontaine


Did you enjoy Vulvine Reine D'Extase  as much as we did? Let us know your thoughts on the movie in the comment box below...!!