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Coquettes And Concubines Depicted By The Russian Artist Konstantin Razumov

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Many little girls and also some boys like to play with dolls during their childhood. When we think of a doll appearance, some of us may remind of the American Barbie type with her Hollywood smile and blonde hair, but there's also a European stereotype tracing back to medieval standards of female beauty: rosy cheeks, a small mouth with full red lips, large eyes, frequently blue, and curly blond hair. Russian artist Konstantin Razumov (b. 1974) reproduces this recognizable type of an eternally young coquette sitting at the table of a Parisian cafe or at the edge of a seraglio pool with water lilies. 

 Konstantin Razumov

Fig. 1. Konstantin Razumov (autogear.ru)

 Konstantin Razumov A Wonderful Smile

Fig. 2. A Wonderful Smile (twitter.com) 

razumov foot bath

Fig. 3. Foot Bath

Konstantin Razumov Lying nude

Fig. 4. Lying nude (twitter.com)

 konstantin razumov semi nude

Fig. 5. Semi nude in front of a mirror

semi nude with red stocking contantin razumov

Fig. 6. Semi-Nude Girl with Red Stockings

 Konstantin Razumov  Nude bathers

Fig. 7. Nude bathers (tumblr.com)

Sunbathing female Razumov

Fig. 8. Sunbathing female (bestweapon.ru)

 Young Lady in Her Boudoir Razumov

Fig. 9. Young Lady in Her Boudoir (art.mirtesen.ru)

 razumov A Naked Girl Sitting on a Bed, Adjusting Her Shoe, in front of a Mirror

Fig. 10. A Naked Girl Sitting on a Bed, Adjusting Her Shoe, in front of a Mirror 

Impressionist Pin-Up

Konstantin Razumov was born in Zarinsk (southern Siberia). To develop his artistic skills, Razumov relocated to Moscow in the 1990s to receive training from the artist Ilya Glazunov at the Academy of Arts. In the 2000s, the artist started selling his works at international auctions, and that's all you can find about him on the web. Razumov works in a portrait genre with oil as the main medium. He depicts kids and animals, but his trademark is charming coquettes portrayed on Parisian streets as strangers, at the Moulin Rouge as showgirls, in their boudoirs as sex fairies, or in a seraglio as sultan's concubines, always lavishly dressed, even if there're only stockings and underwear. The background in the pictures may evoke in your mind impressionist canvases executed in thick brushstrokes and filled with light. It seems that the most exact definition of Razumov's art will be impressionist pin-up.

razumov Odalisque with flowers

Fig. 11. Odalisque with flowers 

Konstantin Razumov Study of a Ballerina tying her Shoe 

Fig. 12. Study of a Ballerina tying her Shoe (tumblr.com)

 Moulin Rouge dancers  razumov

Fig. 13. Moulin Rouge dancers (tumglr.com)

elegant girl sitting on the bed razumov

Fig. 14. Elegant girl sitting on the bed

razumov woman inspecting roses

Fig. 15.

 razumov In the Boudoir

Fig. 16. In the Boudoir (liveinternet.ru)

 In the Hammock by Konstantin Razumov

Fig. 17. In the Hammock (facebook.com)

 Odalisque Razumov

Fig. 18. Odalisque (catherinelarosepoesiaearte.com)

razumov Odalisque at the pool’s edge

Fig. 19. Odalisque at the pool’s edge (catherinelarosepoesiaearte.com)

razumov Nude dancer in front of the lotus pondFig. 20. Nude dancer in front of the lotus pond (twitter.com)

In the Art Studio by Razumov

Fig.21. In the Art Studio

Image Of Painter

Razumov's fascination with the 19th century is manifested especially in his work In the Art Studio (Fig. 21). The model is depicted together with the artist who sketches her figure. Both characters have old-fashioned looks: the model holds a dressing of that epoch, and the artist wears a white blouse and chic jacket, thus, embodying the idealistic image of the painter from good old times, whose relatively spacious workplace is filled with sunlight. This master is a possible alter-ego of Razumov. We can suppose that this elegant man from the picture earns a living by depicting flirtatious fairies. He satisfies the aesthetic needs of rich clients, especially, if the fairy is a mistress of a wealthy commissioner. 

 razumov harem girl

Fig. 22. Nude harem beauty

 razumov The Harem Favorite

Fig. 23. The Harem Favorite (liveinternet.ru)

razumov Topless dancer

Fig.24. Topless dancer

 razumov in the garden

Fig. 25. In the Garden (liveinternet.ru)

A Spring Day Razumov

Fig. 26. A Spring Day (liveinternet.ru)

 razumov May Sun

Fig. 27. May Sun (liveinternet.ru)

razumov topless harem dancer

Fig.28. Topless dancer

Reclining nude Konstantin Razumov

Fig. 29. Reclining nude (liveinternet.ru)

One Of A Kind

Besides impressionists, Razumov is also similar to Pre-Raphaelites in their manner to portray many heroines with one face. In particular, this approach was typical for Dante Gabriel Rossetti, who depicted models of the same appearances. Razumov's favorite model has a doll face resembling females from Victorian postcards and later pin-up beauties advertising perfume and cosmetics.  

 Konstantin Razumov Happy Hour

Fig. 30. Happy Hour (liveinternet.ru)

Konstantin Razumov semi nude in front of a mirror

Fig.31. In Front of the Mirror 

Too Much Elegance

Another curious image is entitled Happy Hour (Fig. 30). At first sight, we see an ordinary pair at the table in a street cafe. Nevertheless, the contrasting depiction of young females in the background draws our attention. While in the picture discussed above, we mentioned the similarity of characters, this time, the figures apparently differ. In comparison to fresh but ordinary girls, the beauty in the ...

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