Large-Scale Parties of the Young Americans by Terry Rodgers
9 min

Large-Scale Parties of the Young Americans by Terry Rodgers

9 min

Terry Rodgers (born 1947) is an American artist portraying groups of people on large canvases in such a way that the bodies often fill all the space of paintings. The manner and the scale of pictures remind one of the works of Swiss hyperrealist Franz Gertsch.

Terry Rodgers artist

Fig. 1. The ABC’s of Living, 2010 72″ x 96″, oil on linen (


Rodgers was born in Newark (New Jersey). In 1969, he attained a degree in Fine Arts after his studies at Amherst College in Massachusetts. Being interested in films and photography, Rodgers started to manifest himself in representative realism or figurative art, which he is known for now. However, he also produced some abstract pieces in parallel with his realistic pictures. Rodgers works not only with canvases but also with fabric, bronze, and photoshoots. According to the official site, the artist has lived in Washington, DC, Massachusetts, and Ohio. In 2005, three of his paintings were exhibited at the Valencia Biennial. His first European solo exhibition was held in May 2009. Afterward, he had solo exhibitions in the United States and all over Europe.

Terry Rodgers the Dimensions of Ambiguity

Fig. 2. The Dimensions of Ambiguity, 2005, 60″ x 70″ oil on linen (

Terry Rodgers his collection

Fig. 3. His Collection, 1994, 54″ x 80″ oil on canvas (

Terry Rodgers Between Acts

Fig. 4. Between Acts, 2000, 54″ x 84″ oil on linen (

Party World

Despite filling all space of a canvas, naked or half-naked party boys and girls hardly interact with each other and often look away in some distress. The pictures are overloaded with objects, either human bodies or interior items, which makes them look similar to collages. The party seems to freeze in full swing. The viewer is a voyeur or participant. The crowded room might also be a dreamy space, kind of what we imagine talking about the wealthy youngsters’ world. They are attractive yet decorate themselves with the clichéd accessories of luxury life: boas, jewels, expensive underwear.

Terry Rodgers Negotiating the Future

Fig. 5. Negotiating the Future, 2004, 63″ x 80″ oil on linen (

Terry Rodgers Resting On Her Laurels

Fig. 6. Resting On Her Laurels, 2006, 68″ x 72″ oil on linen (

Terry Rodgers It's Complicated

Fig. 7. It’s Complicated, 2017, 48″ x 66″ oil on linen (

The Reign of Certainty Terry Rodgers

Fig. 8. The Reign of Certainty 2018, 54″ x 64″, oil on linen (

Terry Rodgers unseen

Fig. 9. Unseen, 2016, 48″ x 62″ oil on linen (

Fashionable Paradise

The interiors of Rodger’s paintings look very luxurious as well. From his point of view, Eve’s garden (fig. 10) is not a place outside but a stylish room in her apartments. The tree of knowledge is not the real plant but an artificial construction standing in a glass vase. Anyway, it makes sense as long as knowledge itself is a base for things produced by humans. Mortal gods don’t inhabit mountains or woods or heavens. They love fashionable furniture and comfort. Their Olympus is the room on the 30th floor of the skyscraper where the night city can be seen from a bird’s eye view. Their pastime is much like that of the main character in the Huysmans’ À rebours novel (1884). He spends his days in his own realm, where the vulgarity of the outer world is replaced with exotic smells, tastes, exquisite visual and audial impressions. The Transparency of Venus (fig. 11) depicts the naked woman in the noble setting with lots of paintings and chandeliers. It reminds us not only of Huysmans’ character. The woman can very well be Venus from the medieval legend about Tannhäuser, and this place may be her chic grotto where she waits for the minnesinger.

Terry Rodgers Eve In Her Garden

Fig. 10. Eve In Her Garden, 2018, 44″ x 56″ oil on linen (

Terry Rodgers The Transparency of Venus

Fig. 11. The Transparency of Venus, 2011, 72″ x 107″ oil on linen (

Terry Rodgers The Sacrificial Penumbra

Fig. 12. The Sacrificial Penumbra, 2010, 72″ x 114″ oil on linen (

Terry Rodgers Solo Spaces

Fig. 13. Solo Spaces, 2005, 72″ x 103″ oil on linen (

Terry Rodgers No Stranger to Obsession,

Fig. 14. No Stranger to Obsession, 2005, 78″ x 86″ oil on linen (

The Architecture of Light

Fig. 15. The Architecture of Light, 2015, 40″ x 72″ oil on linen (

Terry Rodgers The Domino Effect

Fig. 16. The Domino Effect, 2016, 62″ x 36″ oil on linen (

Terry Rodgers The Watchman

Fig. 17. The Watchman, 1998, 38″ x 54″, oil on linen (

Vanishing Act terry rodgers

Fig. 18. Vanishing Act, 2016, 68″ x 68″ oil on linen (

End Note Terry Rodgers

Fig. 19. End Note, 2018, 40″ x 50″ oil on linen (

terry rodgers Equivalence

Fig. 20. Equivalence, 2014, 66″ x 102″ oil on linen (

Terry Rodgers The View

Fig. 21. The View, 1996, 72″ x 119″ oil on canvas (

Terry Rodgers Michelle

Fig. 22. Michelle, 2015 47″ x 37″ oil on linen (

In Other Media

Except for painting pictures, Terry Rodgers also works with some other media, as we mentioned above. His fabric pieces don’t depict parties in a figurative manner but rather the scenes of sabbath orgies. His cardboard sketches are close to shunga as far as they involve sexual interaction and genitalia depiction, whereas in his large paintings the sexual act is rarely presented. Such series as Monochrome (fig. 34) and Reconstructions (fig. 35) connect Rodgers with abstract artists, though he’s majorly classified as the representative of realism. His photographs of nude females wearing a bright makeup look like the vivid and grotesque figures of Jan Saudek if they were placed in a rich setting.

Wake Up Humans terry rodgers

Fig. 23. Wake Up Humans, 2017, 58″ x 47″ acrylic on fabric (

Terry Rodgers Conversion Therapy

Fig. 24. Conversion Therapy, 2017, 31″ x 30″ acrylic on fabric (

Terry Rodgers By Torchlight

Fig. 25. By Torchlight, 2017, 48″ x 54″ acrylic on fabric (

Terry Rodgers Lost in the Clouds

Fig. 26. Lost in the Clouds 2017 56″ x 47″ acrylic on fabric (

Terry Rodgers untitled drawing

Fig. 27. Untitled, 2008, 19″ x 24″ graphite on paper (

Terry Rodgers drawing

Fig. 28. Untitled 2009 19″ x 24″ graphite on paper (

Terry Rodgers erotic drawing

Fig. 29. Untitled, 2009 19″ x 24″ graphite on paper (

Terry Rodgers Alexie

Fig. 30. Alexie, 2013, 38″ x 48″ inkjet print on baryta paper Ed. of 5 + 1 AP (

Terry Rodgers Kylie

Fig. 31. Kylie, 2013 45″ x 44″ inkjet print on baryta paper Ed. of 5 + 1 AP (

Marijn Terry Rodgers

Fig. 32. Marijn, 2013, 43″ x 42″ inkjet print on baryta paper Ed. of 5 + 1 AP (

Terry Rodgers Jurisprudence

Fig. 33. Jurisprudence 1988-1994 / 2010 20″ x 20″ inkjet print on baryta paper Ed. of 5 + 2 AP (

Terry Rodgers Abstract

Fig. 34. 01_untitled_2014_mono 2014 36″ x 48″ acrylic on canvas (

Terry Rodgers Unconcealed

Fig. 35. Unconcealed 2016 52″ x 84″ oil on linen (

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