Benzaiten is one of the Japanese female gods, or goddesses, one originated from the Hindu  goddess Saraswati.  She has a special place in the heart of Japanese people, being the only woman Fukujin, in the group of seven male Fukujin or gods.  Benzaiten was blessed with everything when she adapted from Buddhist, including beauty, talent, knowledge, financial fortune and music.

Benzaiten is smart and beautiful. She often blesses the entrances to shrines, and has done for hundreds of years.  Many Japanese homes have sculptures or paintings of Benzaiten in their homes, blessing their home and everyone who lives in or enter the home.

Benzaiten is the patron goddess of all things creative - writers, musicians, dancers, artists and geishas.  The paintings of Benzaiten are sensual and creative, as she was.  She is usually accompanied by a large and white snake, loaded in sensuality and feminine awareness, as well as a Japanese musical instrument, the Biwa.

Benzaiten has a combination of Buddhism and Shinto, Shinto being the ethnic religion of the Japanese culture, and Shinto being one of the ritual religious practices that have carried through from ancient times into today, the contemporary world.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="534"]Benzaiten-making-love-to-Bishamonten-by-Terukata Benzaiten-making-love-to-Bishamonten-by-Terukata[/caption]

Benzaiten was a worshipped goddess and is still a worshipped goddess, not just in Japan but worldwide.  You will find her in shrines all around the world, blessing the entrance.  All Japanese shrines have a haiden, also known as a public hall of worship, used for private worship and public festivity.  Benzaiten is always there.
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