You will find images of the Japanese god Ebisu in many Japanese homes.  He is a traditional god, unrelated to any previous religions, and is a god of luck which is exactly what everybody wants.   Ebisu is also the god of fishermen, prosperity and wealth, especially to do with all kinds of business including farming and food.  If you have Ebisu in your life, you also have abundance.

Some Japanese gods are mythical, some are historical.  It is believed that Ebisu is the real Japanese god, not born from any other gods and not with any other influence.  He is the purest of Japanese gods, bearer of good luck and a god of happiness only.

Because Ebisu is so connected to food, wealth and luck, you will find him in many Japanese restaurants, beaming over the guests, his picture or image on the wall, his sculpture set up in a corner.  He brings good luck to the restauranteur and to the patrons, and will bring success too.

Ebisu is always depicted as a fisherman, fat and with a large smile on his face. He carries a fishing rod in one had and a fish in the other, proof of his success and the success that he brings.  He is also known as the god of the ocean, and for this reason many fishermen keep his portrait in their fishing boats.  With Ebisu, their catch will be plenty.
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