'The Deflowering of a Regretful Lady' By Shigenobu
02 oktober 2018 
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'The Deflowering of a Regretful Lady' By Shigenobu

An elegant image depicting a young beauty biting a handkerchief, with an apparently abashed expression while rocking back and forth on top of the man who has deflowered her.


After the Mizuage (Deflowering)‘ (c.1830/ Tenpo) from the series ‘Suetsumuhana‘ by Yanagawa Shigenobu or Katsukawa Hokushu

At first sight the depiction seems to be a peaceful encounter between two lovers but the dialogue reveals something different:

Woman: ‘You told me to come once my mother was asleep, and I find you sleeping like a log! I’ve been wide awake all night thinking about you.’

Man: ‘I’m angry! I’m the one who deflowered you, but then you go and sleep with someone else.’

Woman: ‘Poor you! What about me? I was absolutely terrified and then I had a pain which burned like fire until the next day.’ (Ricard Bru)

Click HERE for another uneasy dialogue between two lovers…!!

Source: ‘Secret Images – Picasso and the Japanese Erotic Print‘ published by The Museu Picasso de Barcelona

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on 17 Mar 2020

Love patterns of this piece! Facial features remind of Hokusai just as a crumpled undergarment.



on 18 Mar 2020

Yes, clearly designed by someone who was schooled by him!

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