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29 september 2018 
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Shunga Erotic Art: "...Your Cunt Is So Mysterious That When It Finds a Penis It..."

The discussed print in this post comes from an album of twelve etchings by Katsukawa Shuncho (act. ca. 1783-1794). Hidden behind a small wooden screen which divides the room, the man lifts up the back of the women’s kimono to initiate coitus while she bites a sleeve of her robe in excitment.


Shuncho focuses attention on the sexual union of the couple. He shows enlarged genitals perfectly framed by the woman’s undulating robe in the centre of the composition.

shunga erotic art

Couple behind a screen‘ (c.1790) by Katsukawa Shuncho

The accompanying dialogue reads:

Man: ‘I never get tired of making love with you. My penis is so erect that I can not hide it under my loincloth, that is why I need more than two and a half metres of cloth. Such a big penis is called a mast. And your cunt is so mysterious that when it finds a penis it doesn’t let it go .’

Woman: ‘Your penis is so thick and at the same time so soft that I swoon. I’m coming.’ (Ricard Bru)

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Source: ‘Secret Images – Picasso and the Japanese Erotic Print‘ published by The Museu Picasso de Barcelona

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on 01 Oct 2018

The dialogue adds depth and interest to the couple portrayed.



on 01 Oct 2018

Thanks Wayne. Yes, it often varies from what you expect them to say...more coarse!

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