The Sensual Exploits of the Limitless Erma Jaguar by Alex Varenne (25 Pics)
Marijn Kruijff
6 min

The Sensual Exploits of the Limitless Erma Jaguar by Alex Varenne (25 Pics)

6 min

Erma flies through the night like a shadow, behind the wheel of her Jaguar. And everywhere she goes, from a chauffeur’s cafe to a red light district or a luxury villa, she leaves a trail of surprise and confusion in her wake. Is what she’s going through really true, or is it just a strange, exciting dream?” This is the swirling introduction of the mysterious character Erma Jaguar on the back cover of the Dutch edition of the eponymous comic book.

Alex Varenne bdsm comic

Fig.1. Male: ‘It is just beginning. You’ve gone mad.‘ Female: ‘You’ve gone mad.

Fetishistic Detail

The creator of this successful comic (has two sequels) is the French artist and art teacher Alex Varenne (1939-2020). Initially Varenne had a lot of trouble getting his work published but when he finally succeeded his debut, the post-apocalyptic saga ‘Ardeur‘, in 1979 in Charlie Mensuel , was well received. In the eighties, Alex worked often in collaboration with his brother Daniel, which resulted in comics such as ‘L’Affaire Landscape‘, ‘Corps à Corps‘ and ‘Un Tueur Passe‘. They were renowned for creating exciting stories, adroitly mixing atmosphere, suspense, and sex.

erma jaguar issue 1

Fig.2. ‘Erma Jaguar – Issue 1‘ (Source:

Erma Jaguar

Varenne’s breakthrough came with the creation of the aforementioned female protagonist ‘Erma Jaguar‘ published in the daily newspaper Libération. Erma Jaguar is an examination of risky sex, the glamour of it and the possible backlashes. Erma is dominant and seductive, and the characters that cross her path vary from the virtuous, the hunter, the disreputable boyfriend, the elderly libertine to others whose appearance ideally matches her prevailing character trait. An allusion to Erma’s lack of sexual boundaries is made from the first page when she’s able to shock even a seasoned prostitute with a whispered suggestion of possible activity (Fig.2). The mood is strongly intensified by the heavy shadowing in order to allude to a black and white morality.

Fetishistic Detail

Varenne’s distinctive style is characterized by its cinematic approach evoking an erotic atmosphere through an emphasis on fetishistic detail, posture and glances. His comics are quite graphic although there is enough plot to save it from being pure pornography.

Below you can find enticing examples of Varenne’s comic art including Erma Jaguar and others…

erma jaguar erotic comic

Fig.3. ‘Erma Jaguar – Issue 2‘ (Source:

erma jaguar in taxi


Alex Varenne bdsm


Alex Varenne pee sex


Alex Varenne candle


Alex Varenne taxi


Alex Varenne mistress


erma jaguar alex varenne


Alex Varenne erotic


Alex Varenne comic erotic

Fig.12. Text 1st image. Female: ‘Honey, we have no shortage of imagination.‘ Male: ‘Hmm … that’s good and it doesn’t depend on the position but on the girl’s know-how.‘ Text 2nd image. Male: ‘I don’t know the Indian name for this position, but it’s not bad at all.‘ Text 3rd image. Female: ‘This variant is a bit overwhelming.

Alex Varenne erotic comic

Fig.13. Text image above right. Erma: ‘Go Baby…This is good for your education.’ Male: ‘Ah ah I see he starts to like it.‘ Text image below left. Erma: ‘Go, in his doghouse, cute little doggie.’

Alex Varenne erotic illustration


Alex Varenne posing nude


Alex Varenne nude

Fig.16. ‘Partie du Bas

varenne breast-licking


Alex Varenne pin up


Alex Varenne lesbians


Alex Varenne bdsm art


Alex Varenne gang bang


Alex Varenne fellatio


alex varenne erotic comic book


Alex Varenne prostitutes


Alex Varenne drawing


alex varenne erma jaguar


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