Guido Buzzelli Dracula
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The Exceptional and Hideous: The Erotic Art of Guido Buzzelli

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Patron Saint of Italian Cartoonists

Guido Buzzelli (1927-1992) was born in Rome and came from a lineage of artists. Buzzelli’s family included his grandfather, who was a decorator, his father, who was a painter, and his mother, who pursued a career as a model. Guido’s brother, Raoul Buzzelli (1932-1982), was also a cartoonist and the creator of the erotic comic “Sam Bot”.

Initially Guido pursued the same path as his father at the Academy of St. Luke. Later on, he joined the workshop of Rino Albertarelli (1908-1974), a prominent Italian comic book artist. Albertarelli gained recognition for illustrating in L’Audace, a comic magazine that was published in Italy from 1934 to 1944. In addition, he earned a reputation for his original comic art illustrating the American Western comics, with a focus on the characters like Big Bill, Zorro and Kit Carson.

Guido Buzzelli - Raffaella Carrà

Fig 1. Guido Buzzelli - Raffaella Carrà, 1972

Guido Buzzelli, Diamonds

Fig 2. Guido Buzzelli, Diamonds

Guido Buzzelli – La rivolta dei Racchi

Fig 3. Guido Buzzelli,  La rivolta dei Racchi

guido buzzelli erotic


Guido Buzzelli


Guido Buzzelli comic artist


The Michaelangelo of Monsters

It was during this time that Buzzelli first entered the realm of comics, marking the birth of his career. Joining Fleetway in the later years, he continued his artistic journey by creating artwork for their collection of war-themed magazines. Unable to find satisfaction in popular genres, he experimented with painting to explore his talent. Soon Buzzelli started illustrating and crafting his own stories independently.

Incidente by Guido Buzzelli

Fig.5. Incidente

Guido Buzzelli monochrome erotic drawing


Guido Buzzelli Dracula

Fig.7. Dracula

Guido Buzzelli erotic theater


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