Egyptian Song by Jia Lu
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The Eternal Feminine in the Paintings of the Prominent Chinese Artist Jia Lu

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Our current article is about a painter who belongs to the most internationally recognized Chinese artists according to various tabloids and art magazines. Jia Lu (b. 1954) is both a conqueror of the Western art world and a charming woman who surrounds herself with beauty and teaches people to do the same.

 Jia Lu Chinese artist

Fig. 1. Jia Lu (

 Guanyin, Goddess of Mercy by jia lu

Fig. 2. Guanyin, Goddess of Mercy (the East Asian representation of Avalokiteśvara,

 Wheel of Night by Jia Lu

Fig. 3. Wheel of Night, 1995 (

 Halo by Jia Lu

Fig. 4. Halo (

 Adrift by jia lu

Fig. 5. Adrift, 2003 (

 Heavens Song by Jia Lu

Fig. 6. Heavens Song, 1998 (

Father's Daughter

Jia Lu was born into an artistic family. Her father, Enyi Lu, who is now 93 years old, is a self-taught oil painter. From an early childhood, he was fascinated with painting. The artist recalls, "I couldn't walk when I saw the paintings." His father (and Jia's grandfather), Lu Hanchi, actively supported the war against Japan, so, gradually, Enyi started drawing anti-Japanese propaganda posters. At 24, he became one of the first members of the Chinese Artists Association. In 1956, the Ministry of Culture commissioned him to create portraits of the top marshals of the People's Liberation Army. Next year, Enyi was expelled from the party as a "rightist." Later, he was vindicated and praised as a prominent Chinese painter. Nowadays, the artist resides in the USA.

Lu Enyi, the father of Jia Lu

Fig. 7. Lu Enyi, the father of Jia Lu (

Lu Enyi, Mao with sailors

Fig. 8. Lu Enyi, Mao with sailors (

Own Path

Being born for a similar artistic career, Jia chose a conceptually opposite path. Her canvases depicting fragile females make a beautiful contrast to militarism and masculinity that were subjects for her father. Yet, there's a deep connection between the two. As Jia says, "I want to integrate the characteristics of my father's oil paintings with Western oil paintings to create works that combine Chinese and Western styles." Jia's artistic career started in 1980 when she enrolled at the Central Academy of Arts and Design to study there until 1983. While living in China, Jia worked as an operating room nurse, magazine editor, and even actress. At the Academy, she studied ink painting with Fan Zeng as a mentor. After graduating, Jia moved to Canada to continue her studies. She started creating oil paintings in 1995 after traveling in Europe. Five years later, she became the first Chinese woman whose works were exhibited at the UN Headquarters in New York.

Egyptian Song by Jia Lu

Fig. 9. Egyptian Song, 2000 (

nude by Jia Lu

Fig. 10.

 Once Upon a Time by Jia Lu

Fig. 11. Once Upon a Time, 2012 (Jia Lu: Every woman has dreams and dreams. From a girl to a woman, this eternal dream is like the wedding dress spread all over the floor, from the past to the present, from the present to the future... Looking back, the light of hope in the dream is always not far away;

 Elegance by Jia Lu

Fig. 12. Elegance, 2004 (

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