santippa Gaston Hoffmann
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Vulgar Plates From the Rare Portfolio Amorous Variations by Santippa

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Variations amoureuses (Amorous Variations) is one of three portfolios (the others are Le théâtre de la nature (The Theatre of Nature) and ????) issued in 1936 by a mysterious artist who signed with the name 'Santippa'.

Gaston Hoffmann

The French erotica expert Jean-Pierre Dutel links the name 'Santippa' to one 'Georges Hoffmann' leading to another unknown artist, while Honesterotica offers a better suggestion by opting that the name could very well be a pseudonym of Gaston Hoffmann (1883-1977), as these illustrations bare strong stylistic similarities with the work of this French cartoonist and painter. This can be seen especially in a series of humorous medical cartoons the real Gaston produced in the late 1930s, including one of early attempts at plastic surgery entitled ‘Atelier de réparation’ (‘Repair Shop’ - Fig.2).

The Final Argument by Gaston Hoffmann

Fig.1. Oil painting The Final Argument by Gaston Hoffmann, (38.1 x 46.0 cm)

The Final Argument by Gaston Hoffmann detail

Fig.1a. Detail

Lithograph Atelier de réparation’ (‘Repair Shop’), 1926 by Gaston Hoffmann

Fig.2. Lithograph Atelier de réparation’ (‘Repair Shop’), 1926 by Gaston Hoffmann

Woman Feasting

In Amorous Variations, lively fucking is shown in every conceivable place and situation, often depicting sex-starved sailors, clergy, and plump women. In the plate depicting the woman feasting on a just-hanged convict while performing fellatio to a hangman (image in Premium) the artist clearly stretches the limits of his erotic imagination. Drawn with quick strokes and a great sense of detail; partly characterized by cynical wit and black humor, the result is both an enigmatic and crudely grotesque work.

All But One

The portfolio consists of 18 illustrations of which we were able to track down all but one. The first seven are below....

santippa amorous variations


santippa erotic art sailors


santippa  Variations amoureuses


santippa homorerotic sailors


santippa Gaston Hoffmann


santippa gay soldiers


erotic art two gay sailors


In Premium you can find all 17 illustrations of this rare set + some other naughty scenes!

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