richard kern nude photography
Marijn Kruijff
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Impish Nudes of the Transgressive Filmmaker Richard Kern

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Richard Kern was born in 1954 in North Carolina and raised there in a small town called Roanake Rapids. His father was the editor and chief photogrpaher of the local paper so he played with cameras as a kid. He also had a perfect attendance record at Sunday school until he was age 15.

Drug Pathos

Kern started taking naked photos after getting off heroin in 1988. It was a cheap way to replace the drug pathos he was missing. He doesn't consider most of his photos erotic; he sees them as portraits of the kind of quirky cute girls he has liked all his life.

Shot by Kern

For him, a perfect model is one that fits into his realm, who is intelligent and willing to do whatever he asks for a photo. These days they email him.He has a show on called Shot by Kern that somehow makes girls want to work with him.

richard kern Lucy in Bed

Fig.1. Lucy in Bed  (2003)

richard kern nude photography


richard kern Sasha Grey

Fig.3. Sasha Grey (2009)

richard kern smoking nude on bed


richard kern Crepúsculo

Fig.5. Crepúsculo (1993)

richard kern tied female

Fig.6.  Erin 

richard kern erotic

Fig.7. Still from an unreleased silent film by Kern

richard kern nude on toilet

Fig.8. A stripper Kern shot (1995)

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