lisa boyle Bad Bunny Model Lucy Ford
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The Edgy Playboy-Style Nudes In Lisa Boyle's Photos

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Lisa Boyle (1968) has been on both sides of the camera and that is visible in her photographic work. She started modeling in the mid-1990s and quickly became one of the top Playboy Newsstand Special magazine models, featured on five covers and in about 40 pictorials, and also on the October 1995 cover of Playboy magazine (Fig.1). During her modeling career she always was interested in photography, and circa 2000 she decided to obtain a camera and explore the possibilities of the medium.

lisa boyle Playboy model October 1995

Fig.1. Lisa Boyle on the cover Playboy Magazine October 1995

Little Edgier

Boyle found that she really liked shooting and added her photos to her Playboy-style nude site, although in an earlier interview she describes her 'stuff as a little edgier than Playboy, with more attitude, and the girls are definitely not as "objectified" in my photos.' Her models are portrayed as 'strong, in control and with a sense of movement.'

lisa boyle Bad Bunny Model Lucy Ford

Fig.2. Bad Bunny (Model Lucy Ford)

lisa boyle photographer


No Penetration

'I don't want to objectify the model.I have a real problem with that. I'm sure in some people's eyes my photos might still be objectifying, but to me they are not. I have shot for some magazines that wanted that look and I had a really hard time with it, probably due to issues I've had in my own life with being objectified. I won't shoot penetration, toys and things like that. I'm not quite sure why that's my line, but that how it is.'

lisa boyle Playboy


Very Dysfunctional Family

Boyle was born and raised in Chicago, as she puts it, in a "very dysfunctional family." Although she was a quiet kid, she always has been an exhibitionist in front of a camera or an audience. She considers her grandmother to be her real parent, and has very little contact with her father and mother.

lisa boyle American photographer


Ellen von Unwerth

One of Boyle's greatest examples is the German photographer Ellen von Unwerth (Fig.6) because she personifies all that she likes about shooting. As Boyle's work is too 'off' for the Playboy market and too sexy for the commercial market, and doesn't want to shoot hardcore she's still seeking for her niche.

two girls on a bike by Ellen von Unwerth

Fig.6. Photo by Ellen von Unwerth

lisa boyle nude on balcony


lisa boyle nude on balcony detail


lisa boyle Peeps

Fig.8. Peeps

In the Premium edition more on Boyle's ideal model an amusing description of the photographer by the pornographic magazine editor Dian Hanson and more striking examples of her adventurous photography..

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