tetsuya mishima semi nude holding a lemon
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The Japanese Painter Tetsuya Mishima and His Fascination for Female Buttocks

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Tetsuya Mishima (b. 1972) is a figurative painter known as a "butt master" for his adherence to female bottoms; by 2022, the artist had drawn 50 of them, as he proudly recounted in an interview at the Butt Expo 2022. Paraphrasing the famous pop hit by Shakira, Mishima said, "Butts don't lie!". Nevertheless, today's surgery makes this ancient fetish just as deceitful as breasts.

 Tetsuya Mishima and his work

Fig. 1. The artist with his work (livedoor.blogimg.jp)

 Tetsuya Mishima at work

Fig. 2. Tetsuya Mishima at work (twitter.com)

 Tetsuya Mishima painting with nude buttocks

Fig. 3. Twitter.com

Tetsuya Mishima painting with nude buttocks detail


tetsuya mishima Still life of strawberries

Fig. 4. Still life of strawberries (Instagram.com)

 tetsuya mishima Still life with flower

Fig. 5. Instagram.com

 tetsuya mishima Still life with pomegranates

Fig. 6. Still life with figures (auctions.yahoo.co.jp)

The Pleasure of Being an Artist

As follows from his website, in 1993, Mishima graduated from the Chuo Art Academy, Tokyo, and received an award at the Nakabi Exhibition. Since that time, he's been exhibiting at many art centers in Japan. In 2005, he became the first Japanese person to receive the Honorable Mention Award at the 2nd International ARC Salon Competition in the still life category. In 2018, he designed original brushes released by Kinseido. Nowadays, Mishima resides in Tokyo and organizes art exhibitions as a member of the Japan Federation of Artists. Apart from this, he also holds butt contests in search of another perfect bottom to depict. The latter opportunity is a variation of the secret dreams of many amateurs, which pushed them into their dubious venture.

Tetsuya Mishima Japanese girl on a sofa

Fig. 7. liveinternet.ru

 Tetsuya Mishima Japanese girl in a chair

Fig. 8. liveinternet.ru

tetsuya mishima Black Moira

Fig. 9. Black Moira (byteimg.com)

Tetsuya Mishima Japanese artist

Fig. 10. byteimg.com

 tetsuya mishima Eri 10

Fig. 11. Eri 10 (Instagram.com)

 tetsuya mishima semi nude holding a lemon

Fig. 12. img.aucfree.com

 tetsuya mishima nude girl wearing cat ears

Fig. 13. Enchant, 2019 (Instagram.com)

 tetsuya mishima Nude on a sofá

Fig. 14. Nude on a sofá (nevsepic.com.ua)

 tetsuya mishima nude girl

Fig. 15. news.livedoor.com

The (Dis)Pleasure of Being a Model

Knowing the meticulous approach of Japanese people to everything (all in all, they invented origami), one may guess that, despite how it looks in our imagination, the contest is a real struggle and Mishima is a choosy judge, especially since each of his paintings is an homage to traditional art. One may even wonder if the famous marble statue of Venus Callipyge or Venus of the Beautiful Buttocks could win this competition.

The Owner of Perfect Buttocks

In the art of Mishima, any part of the work, from its creation to an old-fashioned luxury frame, sends us back to the previous centuries, which means the model is also required to pose for hours (well, the statue would surely manage). We can suppose that the photography doesn't give Mishima a three-dimensional impression. As a true realist, this artist wants to deal with reality, not with a photocopy, so the owner of perfect buttocks must be ready physically and morally to spend quite some time fully naked in a pose that might be in itself not so comfortable. On the other hand, judging by the models' excitement, the final result always pays off the inconvenience.

tetusya mishima nude from the back

Fig. 16. Enchanted Dragon (Instagram.com)

For those who want to learn and see more of Mishima's "Buttocks" the extended Premium edition offers more on how Mishima's ass fetish came about. the Japanese Lolita aesthetics in his art, similarities with Robert Crumb, Francois Boucher, and Gustave Courbet, and 29 additional enticing images.

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