mark maggiori nude girl on bed
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The Perverted Beauty In the Motel Room Nudes By Mark Maggiori

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The painter and photographer Mark Maggiori (1977) was born and raised in France, in a small town in Fontainebleau. The town is located in the largest forest in France, in which there is a beautiful castle. He spent his childhood there skateboarding and watching his dad's porn, and Fellini movies.

Beauty and Perversion

Maggiori has been taking photographs and painting female nudes for a long time, but started shooting girls on the phone in 2011. His work balances on the border between beauty and perversion. He believes he's trying to shape and give life to his childhood fantasies, an ode to women that is a perpetual search to make them look amazing.

Blurred Like a Polaroid

In his opinion, eroticism is what we don't really see; it's what we imagine. It's blurred like a Polaroid. Therefore his pictures can be blurred or dirty. He doesn't care, because it's what's inside that counts. Still, he aims at arousal when he takes erotic photographs. Otherwise, it's just a photo of a person.

Pretty Dangerous Game

In an interview with Dian Hanson* he explains, 'The difficulty is trying to keep this type of project artistic. Shooting naked girls in motel rooms can be a pretty dangerous game. You have to draw lines. I try to be as clear as possible with the girls from the beginning, to always show my professionalism, because it's pretty difficult to get a girl naked on her knees with her butt in the air.'

mark maggiori nude photography

Fig.1. 'Alia on the phone. Woodland Hills ' (July 2011)

mark maggiori nude girl on bed

Fig.2. 'Haley on the phone. Woodland Hills ' (July 2011)

mark maggiori girl with panties down


mark maggiori erotic photography

Fig.4. 'Victoria on the phone at the Beverly Laurel, Hollywood ' (2011)

mark maggiori fat woman on the phone

Fig.5. 'Samantha on the phone ' (2011)

Larkin on the phone Mark Maggiori

Fig.6. 'Larkin on the phone. Hollywood ' (2011)

mark maggiori Gwen on the phone

Fig.7. 'Gwen on the phone. Hollywood ' (2011)

mark maggiori breasts Melody

Fig.8. 'Melody ' (2009)

mark maggiori motel room


Some of Maggiori's erotic paintings...

mark maggiori painting


Flac 1 Mark Maggiori

Fig.11. 'Flac 1 '

mark maggiori erotic painting

Fig.12. 'Louise '

In the extended Premium edition of the article you'll discover Maggiori's thoughts on the eroticism in his pictures, his love for Polaroid, an interesting analysis of his captivating painting of Jesus blessing an intimate couple, and an additional selection of 37 of his most naughty photos and paintings.

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Sources: *The New Erotic Photography  by Dian Hanson,, 

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