semi nudes by Kuchikaseya Moira
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The Butt Fetish in The Photography of Kuchikaseya Moira

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Searching for info about the butt painter Tetsuya Mishima, I came across another remarkable artist who also frequently focuses on butts. Moira is a Japanese photographer, model, and designer, issuing new collaborations with Asian beauties every month and participating in group and solo exhibitions. Though the artist's name may remind a Westerner of the Greek goddesses of merciless fate, it weirdly matches her seductive portfolio, as the word can also mean "the portion in the distribution of booty." So, here is your dose of booty from the generous lady Moira!

 Kuchikaseya Moira at the Butt Expo

Fig. 1. Moira artist at the Butt Expo (

 Kuchikaseya Moira photographer

Fig. 2.

 Kuchikaseya Moira

Fig. 3.

Kuchikaseya Moira Butt

Fig. 4.

Kuchikaseya Moira Butt fetish

Fig. 5.

 Kuchikaseya Moira Butt photographer

Fig. 6.


Fig. 7.

 nude from the back by Kuchikaseya Moira

Fig. 8.

nude from the back by Kuchikaseya Moira two butts

Fig. 9.

 butt photography by Kuchikaseya Moira

Fig. 10.

 photography by Kuchikaseya Moira

Fig. 11.

 photograph by Kuchikaseya Moira

Fig. 12.

 erotic photograph by Kuchikaseya Moira

Fig. 13.

Behind and in Front of the Lens

Kuchikaseya Moira was born in Kyoto and now resides in Tokyo. Judging by her profiles on different platforms, Moira began as a cosplayer and apparel designer. Since 2003, she's been creating nerd and fetish self-portraits, composing a photo manga with Moira-chan as a main character. She also launched the brand of fetish accessories Mekemonia and the revealing swimsuit series SchoolFiction, based on a school uniform (the latter still goes on). Her first solo exhibition Oral Maze happened in 2012. In 2019, aiming for perfection, Moira learned a photogravure technique to improve the tones of her seductive images. Nowadays, she issues photo books on the e-book labels "Mimosa Publishing'' and "Jasmin Books'' and also releases albums on paper. Since 2020, she's been a judge at the Butt Expo contest together with Tetsuya Mishima and three other artists.

 semi nudes by Kuchikaseya Moira

Fig. 14.

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