Carton d'Invitation by Dahmane
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Chloë des Lysses' Anal Fetish Stylishly Depicted By Dahmane

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Dahmane (actually Dahmane Benanteur, born 1959 in Paris) is a photographer known for his artistic nude images, which also penetrate into the hardcore area. His nude works have been published all over the world and exhibited in London, Paris, Rome and Los Angeles, among other places.

Dahmane Benanteur

Fig.1. Dahmane Benanteur


Dahmane's father was a painter and his mother a poet. At the age of 15, he came into contact with photography for the first time through a friend of his parents, a photographer. In 1977 he began to study philosophy, but soon abandoned it to devote himself entirely to photography. The first erotic photos are taken.

Le Figaro

After graduating from university, he first worked as an assistant for fashion photographers. Later, he also worked for Le Figaro as a freelance press photographer.The first publications of nude photos appeared in 1980 in Photomagazine and Photo.

Dressed Nude (c.1990) by Dahmane Benanteur

Fig.2. Dressed Nude (c.1990) by Dahmane Benanteur

Dressed Nudes

Dahmane also photographed numerous comp cards for model agencies. From 1983 to 1984, portfolios appeared in the French, German and Italian editions of Photo as well as in the French and American editions of Newlook. He created photo reports for the legendary Crazy Horse de Paris, published photo books such as Promenade érotique à Paris, Dressed Nudes (2000), Porn Art (1996) and most recently Erotic Sessions (2011).

Chloë des Lysses

In 1985 he made his press debut as a freelance photojournalist with portraits of managers in the business magazine L'Expansion. In 1992, his first book for the masses, Dahmane, was published by Taschen Verlag. During a photo shoot, he meets the artist and actress Chloë des Lysses (1972). They marry and she becomes his muse for the book Porn Art, which contains unusually harsh images. This book lives up to its title beautifully. Chloë Des Lysses is captured 'at play' with a range of objects and toys.The images are strikingly explicit, rendered in a high quality black and white format that reminds one of old school pin shots.

Chloë des Lysses

Fig.3. Chloë des Lysses

Porn Art 2

In 1998, Porn Art 2 was released, which contained images of sexual acts at all, with only Chloë, male supporting actors and through Dahmane's lens. At this time the couple is separated, and Chloë des Lysses is also behind the camera. Questioning and redefining certain cliches of X-rated photography, Dahmane composes scenes that show a woman in charge of her pleasures, no more objectified than her partners, in settings that resonate with the couplings they surround.


Dahmane still lives in Paris, and continues to devote himself to photographing female nudes and doing portraits. He is represented by the Claude Lemand Gallery. He continues to shoot in analogue 24 x 36 mm format, with a Leica Reflex. He uses all lenses, from 19 to 400 mm, depending on his needs, but prefers 50 mm and 60 mm.

Various Settings

The images below all feature Chloë des Lysses shot by Dahmane in various settings with various male co-stars...

Carton d'Invitation by Dahmane

Fig.4. Carton d'Invitation

Chloë des Lysses by Dahmane


Chloë des Lysses by Dahmane erotic


Porn Art  by Dahmane


Chloë des Lysses photography by Dahmane


Chloë des Lysses erotic photo


Chloë des Lysses bdsm


Chloë des Lysses Anal fetish


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