Steamy Train Fantasies As Imagined by Various Artists
03 april 2023 
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Steamy Train Fantasies As Imagined by Various Artists

I read somewhere that the most recurring sexual fantasies are sex in a car or in an elevator. Another location that is a huge turn-on for most is the train (and the compartment in particular).

Sexual Positions

This erotic display combines several sexual fantasies in one. On the one hand, there is the incentive to have sex in public and on the other hand, it is an erotic fantasy in which one can use several sexual positions for an erotic journey.

14 Explicit Examples

For this same reason, many artists also have been inspired by this fantasy over the years, of which you can enjoy a selection of 14 explicit examples below. Bon Voyage!

girl masturbating in a train compartment


train art erotic pin up


sensuality in a train


train fellatio


sex in train with female observers


couple in a train bed


train sex art


girl exposing herself in a train art


sensual couple in a train engraving


train erotic art


erotic train cartoon


threesome in a train erotic art


spanking in the train


train foot fetish art


In the Premium section you can find 32 additional examples of train sensuality.

Click HERE for the rare depiction of trains in the art of shunga

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