Sunset by Esqeazy
Marijn Kruijff
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Interview With the Erotic Fan Artist Esqeazy

5 min

Regular readers of the "Sensual Recommendations" section have undoubtedly encountered the work of Esqeazy before. The tasteful erotic illustrations of the Russian digital artist have already been added to our ongoing section numerous times, so it was high time to get to know this artist better about whom little or nothing can be found on the internet.

1) What can you tell us about your background (family, upbringing, education..etc.)?

Regarding my background, it's hard to say something original. I noticed that it's similar to most artists: drawing since childhood, coming from a creative family, etc. In my case, music was my main passion, and drawing was just for fun. It felt effortless. That's probably why I eventually chose it as my profession. I have been working in the gaming industry for quite some time as an artist or an art-director.

drinking nun by esqeazy


2) Why did you take sensuality as a starting point for your art?

Sensuality is not the primary focus of my art. I'm more interested in capturing the human (particularly female) body. Its perfection, beauty, and the challenge of capturing it. Generally, I prefer artwork with people that conveys emotions, relationships, and tells a story. It is more engaging to observe and analyze. However, I certainly enjoy landscapes as well, but I prefer to admire them rather than draw them myself.

erotic art by esqeazy


3) What fetish do you most enjoy depicting in your art? And why?

If we're talking about fetishes, I would definitely choose women's feet (Fig.3). I enjoy drawing them, although it's not my most popular artwork.

esqeazy sketchbook foot fetish


After Gustav Klimt by esqeazy

Fig.4. After Gustav Klimt

4) I read Gustav Klimt is an important influence on your work? Why?

I find inspiration in many masters of the past. I love movies about artists that reveal the stories behind their paintings in the context of their lives. How their reality reflected in their artwork. For example, how Caravaggio painted a severed head and what he was going through at the time, and the message he wanted to convey. Inspired by such a film about Klimt, I decided to create my own artwork, drawing inspiration from it.

erotica by esqeazy


5) What are other influences of yours?

Everything seems to influence me: personal relationships, music, movies, games, images on the internet, comments on my artwork, and more. It's difficult to pinpoint just one thing.

Aileen by esqeazy


6) Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get greatly inspired by the thoughts of other artists, how they perceive the world, their way of thinking. I enjoy discovering new things and experimenting. Expanding my artistic toolkit.

esqeazy Pocahontas

Fig.7. Pocahontas

Indian girl

Fig.7.a  Censored version

7) In one your earlier tweets you mention emulating oil painting. Do you only work digitally or do you also have experience with the old school real brush?

Yes, I have experience working with oil paint on canvas. I have a deep appreciation for traditional techniques. I love artwork where you can see brushstrokes, feel the expressiveness of the artist and their hand movements. Ultimately, that's what I love the most about painting. The mastery of capturing something complex with a few strokes. Though I slightly prefer less polished artworks.

red-haired pin-up by Esqeazy


8) Can you make a living from your art?

Yes, I have been working as an artist in the gaming industry for many years. Currently, I am going through a period of change, transitioning to a new workplace. I would love to dedicate myself fully to Esqeazy, but I still need to make a living. I am trying to develop myself while juggling two jobs.

nude art by esqeazy


9) Are you working towards a goal regarding your art (aesthetic or perhaps financial)?

I am constantly seeking self-improvement. I always try to find cool techniques and apply them in my work. There are many paths to explore, but unfortunately, it's impossible to pursue them all simultaneously. Such as improving my knowledge of anatomy, composition, color theory, learning and utilizing 3D software in my work, or animation.

Chel from Road to Eldorado by esqeazy

Fig.10. Chel from Road to Eldorado (

10) What is your favorite movie? And why?

It's challenging for me to pick just one movie. Yesterday, I started watching the Korean series "Game of death" and I really enjoyed the first two episodes. In general, my favorite movie is probably "The Big Lebowski." I love the character of the protagonist, how he embodies the idea of being a laid-back dude who has attained a Zen-like state.

Sunset by Esqeazy

Fig.11. Sunset (

Cyber punk geisha by esqeazy

Fig.12. Cyber punk geisha (2023)

Medusa by Esqeazy

Fig.13.  Medusa (2023)

pink hair girl by Esqeazy


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