64 Of the Best Sensual Recommendations Found On Twitter
08 mei 2023 
48 min. read

64 Of the Best Sensual Recommendations Found On Twitter

As Twitter is one of the few social media platforms that allow adult content we've used their service in order to promote our activities on Shunga Gallery. Besides this, the platform is also a nice resource on ancient and contemporary artists working within the sensual idiom.

From Nude Portraits to Bondage

Below you can find 42 examples of striking eroticism that I've come across over the years on Twitter that feature varying styles and themes, from impressionistic to realism, from comic to pin-up, from nude portraits to bondage and much more.

In many cases you can also find interesting references to more work by the artist in question...

MARA 3_ L'effrayant visage de la vérité by Cosimo Ferri

Fig.1. L'effrayant visage de la vérité by Cosimo Ferri

Artwork by Marco Mastrazzo

Fig.2. Artwork by Marco Mastrazzo

Vampirella by Lucio Parrillo

Fig.3. Vampirella by Lucio Parrillo

The noh girl is haughty but not holy and her makeup is scary but not evil (2023) by Agawa Ryo

Fig.4. The noh girl is haughty but not holy and her makeup is scary but not evil (2023) by Agawa Ryo

Clown au Nues by André Martins De Barros

Fig.5. Clown au Nues by André Martins De Barros

BDSM Art by David Ducarteron

Fig.6. BDSM Art by David Ducarteron

Art by Gabriele Pennacchioli

Fig.7. Art by Gabriele Pennacchioli

Art by OthalaM

Fig.8. Art by OthalaM

semi nude Tim Liu

Fig.9. Art by Tim Liu

nude female Riccardo Messina

Fig.10. Art by Riccardo Messina

Monika (30 Jan 2021) by Daniel Maidman

Fig.11. Monika (30 Jan 2021) by Daniel Maidman

Art by Fred Vervish aka Bombato Mike

Fig.12. Art by Fred Vervish aka Bombato Mike

Tied female by David Ducarteron

Fig.13. Art by David Ducarteron

Intimate couple by Mateja Petkovic

Fig.14. Art by Mateja Petkovic

Cornucopia by Bräo

Fig.15. Cornucopia by Bräo

nude girl by Mark Blanton

Fig.16. Art by Mark Blanton

nude with chain by Leo Charre

Fig.17. Art by Leo Charre

Lesbians in chair by Stefano Mazzotti

Fig.18. Art by Stefano Mazzotti

masturbating nude female by Suzy Q

Fig.19. Art by Suzy Q

Lesbian cunnilingus by Paloma Piquet

Fig.20. Lesbian cunnilingus by Paloma Piquet

Erotic Painting by Chenar Othman

Fig.21. Painting by Chenar Othman

Craig Elliott erotic nude art

Fig.22.  Art by Craig Elliott

seductive nude Raffaele Marinetti

Fig.23. Art by Raffaele Marinetti

I Crave Only You (2022) by Relm

Fig.24. I Crave Only You (2022) by Relm

fellatio art by El Dalai Mama

Fig.25. Art by El Dalai Mama

erotic art by Jo Koss

Fig.26. Art by Jo Koss

three nudes Paul Cuvelier

Fig.27. Art by Paul Cuvelier

reclining nude on the rocks by William Robinson Leigh

Fig.28. Art by William Robinson Leigh

lying nude on couch by Joaquín Sorolla

Fig.29. Art by Joaquín Sorolla

seductive pin-up Nathan Szerdy

Fig.30. Art by Nathan Szerdy

nude girl sitting on the back of a crocodile by Damien Henceval

Fig.31. Artwork (2018) by Damien Henceval

erotic art by Avery Hornn

Fig.32. Art by Avery Hornn

erotic art by Regards Coupables

Fig.33. Art by Regards Coupables

nude jungle girl by Dave Stevens

Fig.34. Art by Dave Stevens

art by Pascale Miria Taurua

Fig.35. Art by Pascale Miria Taurua

erotic art by Art by Petite Boheme

Fig.36. Art by Petite Boheme

semi nude Art (2017) by Denis Prenzel

Fig.37. Art (2017) by Denis Prenzel

erotic art by Pachu M.Torres

Fig.38. Art by Pachu M.Torres

Art by Tai Melo (Nudegrafia)

Fig.39. Art by Tai Melo (Nudegrafia)

erotic comic art by Francisco Solano Lopez

Fig.40. Art by Francisco Solano Lopez

erotic art by Gabriele Pennacchioli

Fig.41. Art by Gabriele Pennacchioli

Nude with dragon tattoo on back by Jean Medeiros

Fig.42. Art by Jean Medeiros

Gay art (Feb 2023) by Robertdzazgaa

Fig.43. Gay art (Feb 2023) by Robertdzazgaa

Slow day at the Bombchu Bowling place (March 2023) by Winton Kidd

Fig.44. Slow day at the Bombchu Bowling place (March 2023) by Winton Kidd

gay artwork by Dove

Fig.45. Artwork by Dove

Have You Seen My Herd? by Yosh

Fig.46.  Have You Seen My Herd? (2023) by Yosh

Fig.47. Art by Tim Grayson

Art by Dave Nestler

Fig.48. Art by Dave Nestler

Rare colored (normally black and wRoman de Violette by Frédillo

Fig.49. Rare colored (normally black and white) engraving from Le Roman de Violette (1883-1890) by Frédillo

Goodnight (Dec 2022) by Kinky Arts

Fig.50. Goodnight (Dec 2022) by Kinky Arts

Art by James Martin (the portrayed female looks very much like Lillias Right

Fig.51. Art by James Martin (the portrayed female looks very much like Lillias Right)

lesbian cunnilingus by InCase

Fig.52. Art by InCase

erotic art by Celina Kirchner

Fig.53. Art by Celina Kirchner

sensual art sadsketcher

Fig.54. Artwork by Sadsketcher

Painting by Dmitry Kochetkov

Fig.55. Painting by Dmitry Kochetkov

Art by Jimmie Arroyo

Fig.56. Art by Jimmie Arroyo

Art by C Zittermann

Fig.57.  Art by C Zittermann

erotic art by Yssa

Fig.58. Art by Yssa

erotic art by Gilles Vranckx

Fig.59. Art by Gilles Vranckx


Fig.60. Art by Sadsketcher

erotic art by Anthony Christian (1945)

Fig.61. Art by Anthony Christian

aroused female leo charre

Fig.62.  Art by Leo Charre

lesbians with dildo by Robert Luciano

Fig.63. Art by Robert Luciano

Valentina by Alessandro Scacchia

Fig.64. Valentina by Alessandro Scacchia

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Sources: twitter.com, facebook.com, BD-adultes.com, SakuranboDaruma,

Do you also have recommendation(s) that you would like to share? Please do so by leaving them in the comment box below...!!

About the author
Marijn is the founder of shungagallery.com. With more than 20 years of experience within the sensual and erotic art of shunga he is an authority in the genre. During this time he served many customers with complementing their art collection.
Derek Dey

Derek Dey

on 08 May 2023

There is a question of what we call natural or normal human behavior and what kind of response we have to such events. For example, Fig 8, 13, and 20 are perfectly stimulating so entering a state of excitation I can't legitimately complain, just enjoy.

Marijn Kruijff

Marijn Kruijff

on 08 May 2023

Thanks Derek, I'm pleased you like them!



on 09 May 2023

I am a self described peripheral enjoyer of the Shunga Gallery. It is so unique and comprehensive, with lots of nuance to contemplate, and many kinds of extremes well represented.

Marijn Kruijff

Marijn Kruijff

on 11 May 2023

Thanks a lot Mojojee, we're so pleased that you enjoy our content. It is our starting point to give enthusiasts like you an extensive insight into the many variations within the erotic art, and it is great to hear that our visitors and members appreciate this.



on 09 May 2023

I particularly love it when the material ventures into the "metaphysical" through the quality of the artist's rendering, or the sensibilities of the photographer.

Marijn Kruijff

Marijn Kruijff

on 11 May 2023

Thanks Mojojee. As far as your 'metaphysical' preferences are concerned, our site has plenty to offer you now and in the future. Fantastic examples of this can be found in many erotic arts (such as shunga).

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