The Devilish Hedonism in the Work of the Dark Artist Kerb Crawler (69 Pics)
Marijn Kruijff
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The Devilish Hedonism in the Work of the Dark Artist KerbCrawlerGhost (86 Pics)

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Until recently I was unfamiliar with Chilean art, but there are two striking examples that have piqued my curiosity. The first is the film Trauma* (2017), a gut-wrenching settlement with the traumas after the Pinochet regime, and the second is the work of the independent artist Cristóbal López, working under the moniker Kerb Crawler** (aka. KerbCrawlerGhost), who is is a representative of the incendiary Dark Art movement.

Dark Art

Before we take a closer look at the wicked illustrations of this Chilean whiz, first a short introduction to Dark Art. Dark Art is closely related to protest art that seeks controversy (often against religious authorities) and has a long tradition dating back to the 15th century to influential artists like Hans Memling (Fig.1), Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The artists working in this genre convey their thoughts in an enigmatic way, and often include surrealist components. They use horrible and macabre imagery in an attempt to understand more deeply human nature and evoke a reaction in the viewer. As the collective name suggests, black is often the predominant color.

Hans Memling by Michaël Hussar

Fig.1. ‘Hans Memling‘ by Michaël Hussar

Monstrous Goats

KerbCrawlerGhost’s impressively perverse artwork, consisting of meticulously detailed ink illustrations, takes the viewer to a decadent universe that is filled with rebellious nuns, monstrous goats and other terrifying representatives of the underworld that disturb you in a thought-provoking way.

Bosch and Rops

His influences range from Renaissance masters from Leonardo da Vinci to Bosch, the Romantics like Gustave Doré (Fig.2) or Luis Fernando Falero, others like Goya, Velazquez, Balthus, Kittelsen, Martin van Maële, and Félicien Rops. Other inspirations are tarot cards, 19th century medical illustrations, comic book art (except superheroes) and Freud’s psychoanalysis.

gustave dore the vision of death

Fig.2. ‘The Vision of Death‘ (c.1868) by Gustave Doré

Concept of Darkness

To KerbCrawlerGhost, the concept of darkness in Art is connected with the subconscious, all the fictional secrets in our minds, desires, and impulses out of our control that we can’t handle, because they are repressed by morality and social order. In an earlier interview he explains, ‘Personally, I think the role of dark artists is to unlock those deep, dark, occult desires within the depths of their viewer. I don’t know if I’m doing it right or if there is a real way to achieve that. I think it all depends on who the viewer is because the imagery is so subjective.’

Now, let’s descent into darkness…

Kerb Crawler erotic demon

Fig.3. ‘We’re Goat I‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler we are goat II

Fig.4. ‘We’re Goat II‘ (2019)

we're goat kerb crawler

Fig.5. ‘We’re Goat II’ (Bloody night version) (2019)

Kerb Crawler we are goat

Fig.6. ‘We’re Goat III ‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler Monja

Fig.7. ‘Monja‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler garden of eden

‘Fig.8. ‘TBMN Kheprint’(2019) Piece designed for the band ‘The Black Dahlia Murder‘, based on the track “of god and serpent of spectre and snake’

Kerb Crawler Salome

Fig.9. ‘Salome (Daedalvs Design)‘ This was a commissioned work requested by the death metal band called “Daedalvs“.

Kerb Crawler decapitated Jesus


Kerb Crawler Doom

Fig.10. ‘Doom‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler Snakepussy

Fig.11. ‘Snakepussy‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler monsters holding bitches

Fig.12. ‘Monsters Holding Bitches‘ (2019)


Blessed shall be the fruit of thy womb

Fig.13. ‘Blessed shall be the fruit of thy womb‘ (2020)

Kerb Crawler Feast

Fig.14. ‘The Feast‘ (2019)

the feast Kerb Crawler


dark art Kerb Crawler


erotic dark art Kerb Crawler


Kerb Crawler XV-Kheprint

Fig.15. ‘XV-Kheprint‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler Chilean artist

Fig.16. ‘Osculum infame‘ (2020)

Kerb Crawler nightmare gray

Fig.17. ‘Nightmare gray‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler Pieta Michelangelo

Fig.18. ‘Pieta (After Michelangelo)‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler spider kiss and fuck

Fig.19. ‘The Spiderkiss and fuck…‘ (2020)

Kerb Crawler the forest treat

Fig.20. ‘The Forest Treat‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler Mother

Fig.21. ‘Mother‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler Unholy Mary

Fig.22. ‘Unholy Mary‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler Omina

Fig.23. ‘Omina‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler Head

Fig.24. ‘Head‘ (2020)

Kerb Crawler La Bete

Fig.25. ‘La Bête du Gévaudan‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler sensual beast

Fig.26. ‘Possession

Kerb Crawler beast

Fig.26a. ‘This illustration was removed from Instagram’

Kerb Crawler dark erotic art


Kerb Crawler pissng demon


Kerb Crawler Skull Fucked

Fig.28. ‘Skull fucked‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler shock art

Fig.29. ‘Monsters Holding Bitches

Kerb Crawler suck

Fig.30. ‘Suck‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler Moonchild

Fig.31. ‘Moonchild‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler demon cunnilingus

Fig.32. ‘Incubus‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler goat demon


Kerb Crawler unfinished drawing

Fig.34. 'Plow ' (2019)

Kerb Crawler corpulent cunnilingus


Kerb Crawler Gulliver's travels

Fig.36. ‘Variation on Gulliver’s Travels

Kerb Crawler Coven

Fig.37. ‘Coven‘ (2021)

Kerb Crawler snaketits

Fig.38. ‘Snaketits‘ (2018)

Kerb Crawler La Fuerza

Fig.39. ‘La Fuerza‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler sphinx

Fig.40. ‘The Sphinx‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler Extraction

Fig.41. ‘Extraction‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler Discipline

Fig.42. ‘Discipline‘ (2019)

Kerb Crawler Ghost T-shirt Know Yourself

Fig.43. T-Shirt design Know Yourself

kerb crawler female goat


kerb crawler erotic drawing


kerb crawler the apprentice

Fig.46. ‘The Apprentice‘ (2019)

Odaxelagni Kerb Crawler

Fig.47. ‘Odaxelagni

Odaxelagni Kerb Crawler detail

Fig.47a. Detail ‘Odaxelagni

feeding the mermaids kerb crawler

Fig.48. ‘Feeding the Mermaids

kerb crawler red ride

Fig.49. ‘Red Ride‘ (2019)

Red Ride Kerb Crawler

Fig.50. ‘Red Ride (Black version)‘ (2019)

kerb crawler zombie girl


Kerb Crawler ghost drawing

Fig.52. Unfinished drawing

kerb crawler lust

Fig.53. ‘Lust

Kerb Crawler Ghost Christ


Kerb Crawler peeing girl church


Kerb Crawler peeing girl close up


Kerb Crawler bloody girls


Kerb Crawler strangulation


satan with nude dark art


Kerb Crawler dark erotica


Kerb Crawler Skull grls


Kerb Crawler the mask

Fig.61. ‘The Mask‘ (2021)

Kerb Crawler Ghost Underwear


Kerb Crawler Alice in Wonderland

Fig.63. 'Alice in Wonderland'

demon in wheelchaor Kerb Crawler Ghost


Kerb Crawler Ghost Taror Goat

Fig.65.  Tarot card 'The Fool' (Feb 2021)

kerb crawler ghost sketchFig.66. Free sketches

kerb crawler ghost bookFig.67. Back cover of Kerb Crawler Ghost's new book 'Black'

kerb crawler ghost black bookFig.67a.

kerbcrawler ghost sadistic harpFig.68.

wind instrument Kerb Crawler GhostFig.69.

scrotum brll Kerb Crawler Ghost


demon and girl by KerbCrawlerGhost


kerbcrawlerghost demon peeing on girl


kerbcrawlerghost bowling pin-up


kerbcrawlerghost decapitated girl with snake


kerbcrawlerghost sketch of a mouth-gagged woman


kerbcrawlerghost nude girl holding the a decapitated head of a demon and a dagger


kerbcrawlerghost aroused Medusa and snakes

Fig.77. Medusa (2019)

kerbcrawlerghost beast fucking nude girl

Fig.78. Commission piece (June 2023)

From the book Nigrum - Obscure Visions of Lust and Chaos by KerbCrawlerGhost

Fig.79. From the book Nigrum - Obscure Visions of Lust and Chaos (2023) 

From the book Nigrum - Obscure Visions of Lust and Chaos (2023) detail


From the book Nigrum - Obscure Visions of Lust and Chaos detail



Fig.80. ‘The Spiderkiss and fuck…‘ (2020) from Nigrum (2023)

spiderkiss and fuck by KerbCrawlerGhost


anal demon by KerbCrawlerGhost

Fig.81. Commissioned work (7 Aug 2023)

Push deep and squeeze, then repeat (8 Aug 2023) by KerbCrawlerGhost

Fig.82. Push deep and squeeze, then repeat (8 Aug 2023) 

ass face by KerbCrawlerGhost

Fig.83.  2016 sketch, exploring on the kiss of shame subject.

demon and nude girl by KerbCrawlerGhost

Fig.84. Sketch of Cernunnos (aka. Carnonos) holding the ass of a nude girl (2022)

monsters and demons by KerbCrawlerGhost

Fig.85. From the book Nigrum - Obscure Visions of Lust and Chaos (2023) 

monsters and demons by KerbCrawlerGhost detail


crowhead by KerbCrawlerGhost

Fig.86. Crowhead (2020) from Nigrum (2023)

crowhead detail KerbCrawlerGhost


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*Trauma is a film from 2017 directed by Lucio A. Rojas. A group of women visit a rural area in Chile. However, they are brutally attacked by a man and his son. The friends go looking for help in a village. With the help of some police officers, the friends decide to confront the two men. The opening sequence is easily one of the most depraved ever been put to film and involves a mother and a son. The film is mainly available in heavily censored editions. An uncensored version is issued by Artsploitation.

**A kerb crawler is a person who drives around areas known for street prostitution soliciting prostitutes for sexual activity. The act is known as “kerb crawling” because the person will typically drive very slowly along the kerbside. (Source:

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