The Snakes In the Grass by Relm
Marijn Kruijff
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Relm's Art Celebrates Female Eroticism, Defies Societal Norms

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Relm, a self-taught artist with roots in New York and Canada, skillfully weaves her varied life experiences and artistic influences into captivating works of art that explore the nuanced realms of eroticism and femininity. Raised by an artist mother, Relm developed a profound connection to visual expression from a young age, drawing endlessly and honing a craft deeply embedded in personal growth and observational prowess. Her artistic journey is complemented by a background in fashion design, which infuses her work with a sophisticated understanding of aesthetics and form.

Relm artist

Fig.1. Relm ( with on the right a print by her favorite artist William Bouguereau

Borders On the Transgressive

The essence of Relm's art lies in its vibrant celebration of the female form, depicted with a sensuality that borders on the transgressive, challenging societal norms and expectations. Her paintings often feature women in moments of intimate embrace or solitary contemplation, their bodies rendered with a meticulous attention to detail that highlights the beauty and strength inherent in their curves and contours. The use of bright, bold colors and intricate patterns enhances the visual impact of her pieces, making each canvas a lush tableau of human emotion and physical beauty.

Polly Pocket by Relm

Fig.2. Polly Pocket (2020)

Omitting Male Figures

Eroticism in Relm’s work is palpable, characterized by a boldness that defies the conservative boundaries set by mainstream society and social media platforms. Her artistry deliberately omits male figures, focusing instead on women who are not just subjects of desire but active participants in a narrative of empowerment and self-expression. This approach not only foregrounds female agency but also offers a critique of traditional gender roles within the artistic and broader cultural contexts.

drawing by Relm

Fig.3. 180 (2023)

Themes of Vulnerability

The erotic charge of Relm’s work is further enriched by the complexity of the backgrounds and the details that fill her canvases. Whether it’s the subtle play of light on skin, the intricate designs of nature interwoven into the scene, or the symbolic inclusion of elements like flowers or bees, each detail contributes to a layered reading of her art. These elements invite viewers to delve deeper, beyond the immediate allure of the erotic, to explore themes of vulnerability, strength, and the intrinsic connection between nature and the human body.

Angelica by Relm

Fig.4. Angelica (2019)

The Snakes In the Grass by Relm

Fig.5. The Snakes In the Grass

Inner Growth II by Relm

Fig.6. Inner Growth II (2021)

Mother Of Pearl by Relm

Fig.7. Mother Of Pearl (2022)

Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Relm

Fig.8.  Between a Rock and a Hard Place 

Chefs Kiss by Relm

Fig.9. Chefs Kiss (2022)

Lemon Gardens by Relm

Fig.10. Lemon Gardens (2020)

Strength Among Ruins by Relm

Fig.11. Strength Among Ruins (2022)

The fruits of my Saviour by Relm

Fig.12. The fruits of my Saviour (2022)

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