Odalisque Adrian Borda
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Surreal Serenades Of Romanian Artist Adrian Borda

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If Hans Bellmer were in love with melodies as much as with dolls, he probably would create something similar to what you can see in the images of the Romanian surrealist painter and photographer Adrian Borda (b. 1978). His erotic interpretation of music looks like an homage to Ingres's Violin by Man Ray. The assemblage technique widely used by the artist may evoke in your mind Lotreamon’s phrase “beautiful as the chance meeting on a dissecting-table of a sewing-machine and an umbrella.”

Music Adrian Borda

Fig. 1. Music (adrianborda.com)

 Adian Borda  Le Violin d’Ingres Man Ray

Fig. 2. Le Violin d’Ingres, 1924 (Wikipedia.org)

 Adrian Borda Agaric Flying Dutchman

Fig. 3. Agaric Flying Dutchman (instagram.com)

The Bleeding Rose Adrian Borda

Fig. 4. The Bleeding Rose (instagram.com)

Serenade with Strings Adrian Borda

Fig. 5. Serenade with Strings (adrianborda.com)

Inner Traveler

Adrian Borda was born in Reghin (Northern Romania). As the artist says, it's "a peaceful place with no social life, an ideal place to observe the artistic fight inside me." This statement is pretty curious since many artists, even the most unsociable like William Etty, traveled across the world to study art and establish connections with other artists and art dealers. Talented painters born in the province usually dream of relocating to centers of social life and can go dramatically far in pursuing their goals, like Foujita, who was born Japanese and died French. The case of Adrian Borda seems to be totally different. The artist describes himself as an inner traveler. His works, held in private collections in the United States, Hungary, Canada, France, Switzerland, Japan, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, and Greece, traveled a lot more than the artist who prefers subconscious journeys to real ones. Nowadays, he still resides in Reghin, the most suitable place for his surreal creativity. Borda began thinking of painting as a career when he was studying in high school. Then he enrolled at the George Enescu University in Iasi to get a specialization in fine arts. As a professional artist, Borda had a number of personal and group exhibitions in Romania and the Netherlands.

Adrian Borda  Little MFig. 6. Little M (adrianborda.com)

Adrian Borda My Halloween Pumpkin

Fig. 7. My Halloween Pumpkin (adrianborda.com)

I'm here to entertain you Adrian BordaFig. 8. I’m Here To Entertain You (adrianborda.com)

Mixing Lowbrow And Classics

Borda's works are influenced by classic avant-garde paintings and photographs as well as by the so-called Lowbrow art. In the imaginary world of the artist, Man Ray meets Mark Ryden, and the most famous images of Klimt (She Had Flowers) get blended with a manner close to that of Catherine Abel (My Summer Wine). Frequently Borda refers to well-known classic oeuvres making a weird cocktail of such different masters as Aivazovsky and Goya (Beyond the Pleasure Principle). As follows from the description on Borda's Instagram account, the walrus-like creature in the picture is a .... (continue reading in Premium)

She Had Flowers Adrian Borda

Fig. 9. She Had Flowers (adrianborda.com)

Adrian Borda My Summer WineFig. 10. My Summer Wine (adrianborda.com)

Odalisque Adrian Borda

Fig. 11. Odalisque (adrianborda.com)

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Sources: adrianborda.com; instagram.com/p/B5PuAAeg0lW/