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The Sadomasochistic Universe of the British Comic Artist Erich von Götha
9 April 2021 

The Sadomasochistic Universe of the British Comic Artist Erich von Götha

Erich von Götha is the plume de nom of the British illustrator Robin Ray (born November 8, 1924 in Wimbledon), best known for his erotic comic book art exploring sadomasochistic coteries, using various paint and illustration techniques to tell his stories. Despite his shyness from the spotlight and living in puritan England, where censorship laws are so strict that his work is banned from publication, Von Götha is considered one of the greatest English adult comic book artists of the last decades.

Adult magazine Torrent Von Gotha

Cover of ‘Torrid (Vol.1 #4)

Sex Therapist

He developed his realistic style at St Martins art school in London where he studied drawing and painting. Von Götha started his career working for London advertising agencies as a designer, illustrator and copywriter, and then worked as a teacher at Ealing School of Art. The cause of his entry into the erotic genre was a chance meeting with the English sex therapist Tuppy Owens for whom he produced the ‘Sex Maniac’s Diary‘, an unusual but successful publication which was especially popular among women.

Lynn Paula Russell

Now that Von Gotha got the hang of it, he started publishing the pornographic comics magazine Torrid, which appeared irregularly between 1979 and 1986. The early issues of the magazine also included contributions by the extraordinary British fetish artist and former adult actress Paula Meadows (aka. Lynn Paula Russell).

Torrid von gotha adult

Cover of ‘Torrid (Vol. #5)


Due to the ban on Von Götha’s work, several first saw print in France and Germany (without his knowledge) before they eventually appeared in an English edition. His works were from then on regularly serialized in Bédé Adult and Bédé X, and published in book format by International Presse Magazine (IPM) in France. It was thanks to the publisher of  these magazines, Lionel Roc, whose vigorous efforts caused Von Gotha to make a name for himself and resulted in his first books, the sci-fi story ‘Conte à rebours‘ (1987) and ‘Crimes et délits‘ (1988). Both albums were published by YES Company in France. ‘Crimes et délits‘ was the story of a depraved man who tells his lover about the lives of Charles Manson and Rasputin. Von Götha did the illustrations for the Rasputin section after the original artist Georges Lévis died.

the troubles of janice erich von gotha

The Troubles of Janice‘ (2003)

The Troubles of Janice

His most famous work is The Troubles of Janice which tells the story of a young unfortunate woman called Janice McCormick, falling prey to sadistic aristocrats in the eighteenth century England. From prisons to mansions, she climbs the ranks of society, until she finds herself free. The shadow of the Marquis de Sade hovers around the adventures of Janice and the content of the comics is characterized by extensive sex scenes and makes an effort to bring the time period to life in its splendidly illustrated artwork. A total of four albums were issued between 1980 and 2002.

erotic art by erich von gotha

Janice Unveiled‘( 1999) 

Erich von Gotha illustrator

Page from the comic ‘Twenty 2


Von Götha also made a futuristic version of ‘Janice’, in his ‘Twenty’ trilogy (2004-2008) that was set the (then) faraway year of 2018. It follows the erotic exploits of an 18-year old girl, Twenty, at a special college for adolescent girls. Her education will be finished in 2020: the beginning of a new era of sex, according to the author, Twenty enjoys her libertarian education in sexual freedom and proves to be a brilliant student.

Erich von Gotha erotica

Fanny Hill‘ (2003)

Fanny Hill

Another notable contribution of Von Götha are his illustrations inspired on the controversial erotic novel Fanny Hill (1748) by John Cleland, The story of a young girl trained into sexual service, issued in two volumes, were illustrated by the artist in a noticeable manner including color graduations.

erotic comic von gotha

Fanny Hill‘ (2003)


Despite his advanced age, Von Götha is still active and besides commissioned work, he is working on a continuation of ‘Janice‘ and ‘Twenty‘. Over the years his work has been displayed among other in the Mondo Bizzarro Gallery in Bologna, titled Sweat Tears & Reflections and In “Larmes d’Eros” in Paris.

The Education of Sophie erich von gotha

The Education of Sophie

Erich von Gotha marquis de sade

Janice Unveiled‘ (1999)

erich von gotha erotic illustration

Janice Unveiled‘ (1999)

adult erich von gotha

Janice Unveiled‘ (1999)

Erich von Gotha Twenty

Twenty 2

'Twenty 2' erich von gotha

Twenty 2

'Twenty 2'  orgy von gotha

Twenty 2‘ 

a very special prison von gotha

Cover art for Very Special Prison (Source: Talisman Fine Art)

Erich von Gotha The Troubles of Janice

Erich von Gotha comic book artist

Lesbian bdsm Erich von Gotha

Very Special Prison

Bizarre Acts

The following set consisting of 13 illustrations entitled ‘Le sentiment de la famille (A Sense of Family – 1996) accompanied the crude and humorous text of an erotic unpublished story on a family of theatrical performers specializing in bizarre acts involving the audience in a wide range of sexual experiments…

Le sentiment de la famille


lesbian erich von gotha

you know, she gave me a nickel to eat my cunt.

striptease erich von gotha

Shit! What a nice bush!

threesome gay art von gotha


Erich von Gotha fellatio

Hey! Foul on you

Erich von Gotha artist


Erich von Gotha adult comic

….Stick your finger in.

Erich von Gotha fingering

Ah! I’m too hard, I’m gonna jack off!

Erich von Gotha British

Come my child, I shall be quite filthy.

Erich von Gotha English artist

Feel me up if you like, but be careful with your nails.

Erich von Gotha art

…we shall have Jules

Erich von Gotha orgy


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on 9 April 2021

I do NOT like sado-masochism. I do not like webp images. Il prefer jpg png. Regards



on 9 April 2021

Thanks Courcelle. I'm sorry to hear that but you can't always please everyone.



on 9 April 2021

I didn't know the work of Erich von Götha. I notice that there are some references to the cinema. I may be mistaken., but in image 1, the girl looks like Faye Dunaway and in image 2, the man looks like Yul Brynner. I loved it.



on 9 April 2021

Thanks Alexandre. Yes, there are movie references. The bald man on both covers is Von Gotha himself. His appearance (uniform and monocle) and name refer to legendary 1920s filmmaker Erich von Stroheim. You could be right about Fay Dunaway although she also bares resemblance to Jane Fonda (Barbarella). Anyway, I'm pleased you like the article!



on 28 April 2021

I love his work but it’s almost impossible to buy in hard copy without spending a fortune. Is it available digitally anywhere? I’ve looked but cannot find.



on 28 April 2021

Thanks for your interest Lyndon. I'm not sure what you mean, you're looking for an eBook displaying his art or are you looking for giclée prints of his original work?

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