103 Seductive Watercolor Paintings of the Daring Valeria Ko
Marijn Kruijff
20 min

107 Seductive Watercolor Paintings of the Daring Valeria Ko

20 min

Like many current young artists, the Moskou-based artist Valeria Ko uses Instagram as her sole platform. Art is like therapy to her, when she draws she feels happy and that is what her paintings radiate. In her work, Valeria explores the many forms of feminine intimacy. For this she uses a sultry color palette in which the portrayed women enjoy their intimacy without restraint. Whether they are alone or with a male partner, they are always in charge.

Real ‘deed’

Despite the strong sensuality of the imagery, she does not show the real ‘deed’. This has allowed her to bypass Instagram censorship but her popular art has also drawn the attention of some pushy men making explicit requests. In an earlier interview she explains,’…when people (we are talking more about men) see the female artist who draws sexual scenes, they think that you are crazy and very open minded in sex in real life. It’s affected my private life a lot. Also, everyday I receive photos of dicks and sexual content in my DM in Instagram.’

Daddy’s girl

Voluptuous Impressionism

But otherwise Valeria Ko’s voluptuous impressionist watercolors are highly appreciated among her followers. She made illustrations for several magazines, already participated in several exhibitions and a couple of years ago made a big mural painting for a cafe in the center of Amsterdam. In other words, an artist to keep an eye on.

Below you can enjoy more of her recent sultry intimacies…

Valeria Ko erotic

Only in some hands

Master‘ (2020)

Bath‘ (July 2020)

Just another day‘ (July 2020)

Upside down

Guilty pleasure‘ (2020)

Hungry for you

What’s going on ??‘ (2019)

Freddie‘ (2017)

Erotic shangri la

Cocktail‘ (2020)

Ma bunny‘ (2016)

valeria ko

Ly4i Dobra‘ (2020)

Ly4i Dobra‘ (2020)

Feeding instincts (aka. Coffee and milk)‘ (2019)

valeria ko erotic art lesbian

Early untitled work (2015)

valeria ko art

Untitled (August 2020)

valeria ko art

Space carpet‘ (August 2020)

valeria ko

Tennis‘ (August 2020)

valeria ko

Sunset‘ (21 September 2020)

valeria ko painting

Situation‘ (23 September 2020)

valeria ko art

Light‘ (25 September 2020)

valeria ko semi nude

Jeans Check out process in IGTV‘ (28 September 2020)

valeria ko chief

Chief‘ (7 Nov 2020)

valeria ko art

iPad procreate warm-up before sleep‘ (8 Nov 2020)

valeria ko nude female earring

Earring‘ (11 Nov 2020)

valeria ko art
black square valeria ko

Black square‘ (17 Nov 2020) The model is Vassypp

valeria van der ko touch

Touch‘ (18 Nov 2020)

valeria ko sensual female

1, 2, 3…‘ (19 Nov 2020)

valeria ko art

Throw‘ (20 Nov 2020)

valeria ko girl power

GRL PWR‘ (21 Nov 2020)

valeria ko blue water

Blue Water‘ (24 Nov 2020)

valeria ko erotic art

Untitled (26 Nov 2020)

valeria ko covid spy

Covid Spy” (Unfinished) (28 Nov 2020)

valeria ko covid spy

Covid Spy‘ (Finished) (28 Nov 2020)

valeria ko escaping

Escaping‘ (1 Dec 2020)

valeria ko scope

Scope‘ (3 Dec 2020)

valeria ko onion

Onion‘ (9 Dec 2020)

valeria ko hermes

Hermes‘ (11 Dec 2020)

valeria ko archer

Archer‘ (14 Dec 2020)

valeria ko tattooed nude female

WIP‘ (17 Dec 2020)

valeria ko merry x mas

Winter is Cumming‘ (24 Dec 2020)

valeria ko paintings


valeria ko luminous breasts


valeria ko queen

Monday‘ (2020)

valeria ko art alien

Untitled ‘Peeing alien (?)‘ (3 January 2021)

valeria ko s.f.

Untitled painting (5 Jan 2021)

valeria ko lesbian

Flamingo‘  (13 Jan 2021)

valeria ko cunnilingus


valeria ko drinking at sea

Untitled painting (15 Jan 2021)

valeria ko breasts

Untitled painting (16 Jan 2021)

my inner demons valeria ko

My Inner Demons‘ (19 Jan 2021)

watercolor valeria ko

Watercolor (20 Jan 2021)

cat mask valeria ko

Mask‘ (2019)

valeria ko pain

Pain‘ (24 Jan 2021)

valeria ko light

Light‘ (26 Jan 2021)

valeria ko passion my profession

Passion my profession‘ (2 Feb 2021)

valeria ko trio

Trio‘ (3 Feb 2021)

valeria ko bite

Bite‘ (7 Feb 2021)

corpulent female valeria ko

Untitled (18 Feb 2021)

valeria ko glove

Glove‘ (18 Feb 2021)

valeria ko pleasure

Pleasure‘ (20 Feb 2021)

valeria ko boots

Boots‘ (2017)

valeria ko friend zone

Friend Zone‘ (21 Feb 2021)

Her Sweet Kiss Valeria Ko

Her Sweet Kiss‘ (23 Feb 2021)

valeria ko float

Float‘ (1 March 2021)

valeria ko shadow

Shadow‘ (6 March 2021)

woman's day Valeria Ko

Happy International Women’s Day‘ (8 March 2021)

valeria ko artist

Untitled painting (10 March 2021)

valeria ko shadows

Shadows‘ (12 March 2021)

valeria ko eve

Eve‘ (14 March 2021)

valeria ko selfie

Selfie‘ (15 March 2021)

valeria ko hard nipples

WIP (Denim) (16 March 2021)

valeria ko denim

Denim‘ (20 March 2021)

lesbian valeria ko

Commission piece (22 March 2021)

phone addiction valeria ko

Phone addiction‘ (30 March 2021)

Valeria Ko Asasshi

Asasshi‘ (9 May 2021)

valeria ko Russian artist

Summer 2016‘ (2016)

valeria ko space girl


valeria ko magic

Magic Mirror‘ (2016)

valeria ko girl and cat in space

The following 4 pieces are from the “Skazki” series based on Russian fairy tales…

valeria ko Skazki

valeria ko Skazki series

valeria ko tattooed female

valeria ko Russian fairytales

valeria ko mug

Mug‘ (21 July 2021)

valeria ko Beach please

Beach please‘ (Aug 2021)

valeria ko yoga

Sept 2021

valeria ko sunflower

Sunflower‘ (18 Sept 2021)

valeria ko dream

Dream‘ (22 Sept 2021)

valeria ko Kotodeva

Kotodeva‘ (2017)

valeria ko aroused girl on washing machine

Washing machine

valeria ko bondage

Tied girl ‘ (2015)

valeria ko mouthpiece


valeria ko girl in kitchen

Valeria Ko is also familiar with shunga art. This is her contribution to the book ‘The Secret Garden‘ issued by Senju Shunga that we treated in an earlier article…

Pussy Cats‘ (2018)

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