Valeria Ko’s Sensual Contribution to Inktober
Marijn Kruijff
6 min

Valeria Ko's Sensual Contribution to Inktober

6 min

Last month Valeria’s Instagram account was all about Inktober in which she included one new ink drawing each day. These ink paintings show that her productivity is not at the expense of her originality. The latter can be found particularly in the subtle humor.

Bear Costume

Look for instance at the amusing use of chopsticks in the first drawing (Fish), the seductive nun suckling her black veil (Hope), the girl loosing her bear costume while running down the highway (Bulky), the sensual use of a headphone (Music) or the bare-chested teenage girl frantically attacking a grasshopper with a samurai sword (Blade).

Below you can find them all (except one which wasn’t erotic!) and much more…

inktober valeria ko

Fish‘ (1 October 2020)

peeing woman valeria ko

Wisp‘ (2 October 2020)

bulky valeira ko

Bulky‘  (3 October 2020)

nude female sitting on a radio

Radio‘ (4 Oct. 2020)

semi nude girl with samurai sword in the kitchen

Blade‘ (5 October 2020)

valeria ko female portrait with mouse

Rodent‘ (6 October 2020)

fancy valeria van der ko

Fancy‘ (7 October 2020)

valeria ko teeth

Teeth‘ (8 October 2020)

valeria ko ink drawing

Throw‘ (9 Oct. 2020)

valeria ko hope

Hope‘ (10 Oct 2020)

valeria ko disgusting

Disgusting‘ (11 Oct. 2020)

valeria van der ko slippery

Slippery‘ (12 Oct. 2020)

valeria ko armor

Armor‘ (14 Oct. 2020)

valeria ko outpost

Outpost‘ (15 Oct. 2020)

valeria ko rocket

Rocket‘ (16 Oct. 2020)

valeria ko storm

Storm‘ (17 Oct. 2020)

valeria ko trap

Trap‘ (18 Oct. 2020)

valeria ko dizzy

Dizzy‘ (19 October 2020)

valeria ko coral

Coral‘ (20 October 2020)

valeria ko sleep?

Sleep?‘ (21 Oct 2020)

valeria ko erotic drawing

Version 2 of ‘Sleep?‘ (21 Oct 2020)

valeria ko rip

RIP‘ (23 Oct 2020)

valeria ko dig

Dig‘ (24 Oct. 2020)

valeria ko hide

Hide‘ (26 Oct. 2020)

valeria ko music

Music‘ (27 Oct. 2020)

valeria ko shoes

Shoes‘ (29 Oct. 2020)

valeria ko rockets

Rockets (?)‘ (October 2020)

Inktober 2021

valeria ko gay couple

(8 October 2021)

Valeria Ko Breasts

Pressure‘ (13 October 2021)

Valeria Ko Blowjob in the car

Stuck‘ (14 October 2021)

valeria ko ink drawing Tight'Tight' (17 Oct 2021)

Valeria Ko Spanking'Ohhhh..' (18 Oct. 2021)

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You can follow the artist’s creative output on her Instagram account..!

My personal favorite is Bulky (3 Oct). What is your favorite of the above ink drawings? Leave your reaction in the comment box below…!!