Exclusive Interview with the Erotic Artist Pigo Lin on His Sensual View on Art
25 mei 2020 

Exclusive Interview with the Erotic Artist Pigo Lin on His Sensual View on Art

In two earlier articles we already paid attention to the fascinating art of Pigo Lin (1984). His unique visual language is in line with the aesthetic mission of Shunga Gallery and the type of art that we want to give a stage. That is why it was about time we sat down with the prolific Taiwanese artist and ask him about his motives, interests and influences.

In order to meet the artist’s compatriots, we have also included the Mandarin text.

SG:  Was art already part of your life from an early age?

PL:  Yes, I have been drawing since childhood, especially manga, mostly fight and action scenes. Drawing comics is quite popular among elementary and middle school students in Taiwan, but they are not taught, unless you are going to the specialized departments at the university.

'How to shower with your snake' by Pigo Lin

How to shower with your snake‘ (May 2020)

Pigo Lin interview: painting Eagle

Eagle‘ (May 2020)

SG:   Toshio Saeki, who died earlier this year and the graphic manga artist Suehiro Maruo are important influences for you. What are specific aspects that appeal to you about their art, and is this reflected in your own art?

PL: Yes, these two Japanese artists influenced me a lot, especially Toshio Saeki. To my shame, I only discovered Saeki’s works for the first time when I was in college, but it instantly gave me great excitement. Unfortunately, the university and research institute only teach to become an illustrator of children’s picture books, and therefore my aspirations to become an erotic artist in the future had to be postponed. After graduating from the institute, I worked full-time as a child illustrator for two years. But my income was unstable, and it took a lot of time to make a book. Finally in 2010, I decided to give up the children’s picture books and go to work at the watch company to change my mood. Working at a watch company not only gave me a stable income, but also offered me time to think and breathe, and to look again at my possibilities as an artist. My erotic art also dates from this period (from 2015).

Pigo Lin interview: painting Bike

Bike‘ (2020)

Pigo Lin interview: painting Plumage

Plumage‘ (2020) 

SG:  I assume that your are familiar with shunga. What are the aspects of shunga that appeal to you?  What are the characteristics of shunga that you find special?

PL:  Shunga erotic paintings are influential in Asian culture, especially in China and Japan. My artistic creation is also inspired on it. I like this art form a lot. The designs in shunga mainly show characters having sex in a private space. I think this is in line with how people think about sex in all Asian cultures, people are curious about it but cannot express it. In my own work, I try to modify and adjust the content to be more in line with the modern concept of sex, for example: sexual and female autonomy.

Pig Lin interview: Iceberg

Iceberg‘ (2020)

Pigo Lin interview crystal ball

Crystal ball‘ (2020)

SG: In some paintings you depict a cross over the private parts (genitals). I assume this is a nod to censorship?  Is there censorship on eroticism in Taiwan?

PL: Because the work is mainly published on Instagram, in some cases, it needs to meet the Instagram censorship system, so I put a cross on the private parts. The publishing platforms in Taiwan are more stringent. Although it is more free than other Asian countries. Sexual culture is more conservative across Asia, that is why I chose to post on Instagram.

SG: Oh I see, I incorrectly assumed the crosses were intentional.

Pigo Lin interview 'High Tide censored

High tide‘ (2017) – Censored

Pigo Lin interview 'High Tide uncensored

High tide‘ (2017) – Uncensored

Pig Lin interview: Open Wave

Open wave (censored)‘ (2020)

Pigo Lin Art: Open Wave

Open wave (uncensored)‘ (2020)

SG: I love the films of your compatriot and filmmaker Tsai Ming Liang. What is your favorite movie (s)? I mean in general?

PL: I also like movies, and Tsai Ming Liang’s movies are really great !! Asian directors, My personal favorites are Ang Lee and Kore-eda Hirokazu. Their work not only captures the hearts of Asians, but also allows moviegoers in Europe and the United States to understand it. My favorite American movie is Richard Linklater’s trilogy ‘Before Sunrise‘ (1995), ‘Before Sunset‘ (2004), ‘Before Midnight‘ (2013)…very romantic !!

Pig Lin interview: Ready to descent

Ready to descent‘ (2019)

Pig Lin interview: Where are my pets

Where are my pets‘ (2019) 

SG:  One of our co-producers (Darya) remarked that some of your works ideologically have very much in common with European culture, meaning plots like The Birth of Venus and Daphne’s transformation. Do you recognize this?

PL:  Thanks for your compliments Darya, The Birth of Venus and Daphne’s transformation are beautiful works, but in fact I am not inspired by these works. Most of my inspiration comes from “Ukiyo-e”. When it concerns European culture I have been mainly influenced by the illustrations in fairy tale books from Kinder-und Hausmarchen (KHM) * and Hans Christian Andersen.

Pig Lin interview: Hear the Conch's voice

Hear the Conch’s voice‘ (2019)

Pig Lin interview: Broken Angel

Broken angel‘ (2019)

SG:  Up to now I bought three of your pieces (Thriller NovelBlouse and Whale). Can you tell use a little about their background?

Thriller Novel

PL:  I personally do not watch horror movies or read horror novels because I am scared quickly. If I accidentally see a clip, the horrible picture will stay in my mind and I can’t sleep well. Reading text is sometimes more powerful than the picture. I imagine reading horror novels as if sticky tentacles are sticking out of the book. As long as you are stuck, you cannot move and cannot escape.

Pig Lin interview: Thriller Novel

Thriller novel‘ (2020)


PL:  I like the sense of fit and formality of the shirt, especially the pictures of the buttons pulling the clothes tightly, making me feel very erotic.

Pig Lin interview: Blouse

Blouse‘ (2020)


PL:  Whales are mammals. This setting alone makes my passions rise. Am I weird?

Pig Lin interview: Whale

Whale‘ (April 2020)

SG: Are you still watchmaker by day? Or can you live from your art at this point?

PL:  I have become a full-time artist since the end of 2018. I am very happy to support my life through the income of art. My dreams have come true.

Thanks a lot for your candor Pigo!


For those who, like us, can’t get enough…

pigo lin milk

Milk‘ (29 July 2021)

pigo lin kappa needs water censored

Kappa Needs Water (Censored)‘ (25 July 2021)

pigo lin playing with waves

Playing with Waves‘ (24 July 2021)

Pigo Lin Revolution

Revolution‘ (19 July 2021)

pigo lin candle

Candle‘ (15 July 2021)

Ophelia shiny edition Pigo Lin

Ophelia (shiny edition)‘ (12 July 2021)

Pigo Lin Ophelia

Ophelia‘ (10 July 2021)

pigo lin deep show

Deep Show‘ (9 July 2021)

'Festival Pigo Lin

Festival‘ (1 July 2021)

'Lady Dimitrescu' Pigo Lin

Lady Dimitrescu‘ (27 June 2021)

'How to Train Your Shark Pigo Lin

How to Train Your Shark (Revised edition)‘ (20 June 2021)

play with the body pigo lin art

Play with the Body‘ (14 June 2021)

Pigo Lin The call of the mountain-shiny edition

The call of the mountain-shiny edition‘ (3 May 2021)

pigo lin Laocoon

Laocoon‘ (1 May 2021)

the call of the mountain pigo lin

The call of the mountain‘ (28 April 2021)

web woman pigo lin

Web Woman‘ (23 April 2021)

pigo lin Immerse

Immerse‘ (3 April 2021)

pigo lin Mailbox

Mailbox‘ (30 March 2021)

Sea anemone Pigo Lin

Sea anemone‘ (25 March 2021)

Ice age Pigo Lin

Ice Age‘ (21 March 2021)

pigo lin cat eyes

Cat eyes‘ (19 March 2021)

love eruption pigo lin

Love eruption‘ (16 March 2021)

Pigo LIn Hair Shaving

Hair shaving‘ (4 March 2021)

pigo lin lesbian

Crossing the line to find you‘ (2 March 2021)

Immerse by Pigo Lin

Immerse‘ (28 Feb 2021)

pigo lin Mating Feet

Mating Feet‘ (19 Feb 2021)

Pigo Lin gay art

Close up ‘Mating Feet’ (19 Feb 2021)

pigo lin birth of venus

The Birth of Venus‘ (10 Feb 2021)

pigo lin Drop down with the current

Drop down with the current‘ (8 Feb 2021)

Pigo Lin Mind

Mind‘ (5 Feb 2021)

Pigo Lin Festival

Festival‘ (31 Jan 2021)

pigo lin shiva

Shiva‘ (26 Jan 2021)

pigo lin devil

New Devil‘ (24 Jan 2021)

pigo lin mushroom

Mushroom Hunting‘ (21 Jan 2021)

pigo lin the fly

The Fly‘ (19 Jan 2021)

pigo lin work at office

Work at Office‘ (14 Jan 2021)

pigo lin cat

Cat‘ (4 January 2021)

pigo lin green

Green‘ (29 Dec 2020)

pigo lin akira

AKIRA‘ (26 Dec 2021)

pigo lin shake hands

Shake Hands‘ (23 Dec 2020)

pigo lin wet rose

Wet Rose‘ (21 Dec. 2020)

pigo lin oni

Japan Oni‘ (17 Dec 2020)

pigo lin hide and seek

Hide-and-Seek‘ (15 Dec 2020)

pigo lin Kasa jizou

Kasa jizou‘ (8 Dec 2020)

pigo lin high cut

High Cut‘ (5 Dec 2020)

pigo lin before sunrise

Before Sunrise‘ (28 Nov 2020)

pigo lin legs

Legs‘ (24 Nov 2020)

Deep in thought by Pigo LIn

Deep in Thought‘ (22 Nov 2020)

little red riding hood pigo lin

Red Riding Hood‘ (18 Nov 2020)

pigo lin tremor

Tremor‘ (16 Nov 2020)

Carry me with the current by Pigo Lin

Carry me with the current‘ (2 Nov 2020) by Pigo Lin

pigo lin painting

Midsummer night‘ (30 Oct. 2020)

goldfish by Pigo Lin

Goldfish‘ (26 October 2020)

pigo lin new york

New York‘ (15 October 2020)

pigo lin painting rider

Rider‘ (8 Oct. 2020)

queen cobra pigo lin

Queen Cobra‘ (4 Oct 2020)

To water the long dry

To water the long dry‘ (October 2020)

pigo lin art

Blue blood ‘ (23 September 2020)

pigo lin painting

An unexpected guest‘ (20 September 2020)

pigo lin painting

Into the deep sea‘ (September 2020)

pigo lin

Moonfall‘ (September 2020)

pigo lin

Evolution‘ (September 2020)

pigo lin

Royal jelly‘ (August 2020)

pigo lin

Whispered words‘ (August 2020)

Pigo lin art

How to quench your thirst‘ (August 2020)

Pigo Lin

The cave lord‘ (August 2020)

pigo lin

Jack O’Lantern‘ (August 2020)

pigo lin

Dark magician girl ‘ (August 2020)

pigo lin art

Rainforest‘ (August 2020)

pigo ln art

Crime Scene‘ (August 2020)

pigo lin painting

Milk‘ (August 2020)

pigo lin art

Into the book‘ (July 2020)

Golden hand‘ (8 July 2020)

Coffee‘ (July 2020)

Pigo Lin Art 'Spotlight'

Spotlight‘ (June 2020)

Pigo Lin interview: float up

Float up‘ (June 2020)

pigo lin

Sparkling stars in the night‘ (September 2020)

Pigo Lin Art : Sparkling stars in the night

Sparkling stars in the night‘ (17 June 2020)

Pigo Lin Interview: Goddess's uterus

Goddess’s uterus‘ (June 2020)

Pigo Lin: A sad nude female sitting on a rock in the sea

Reef rock‘ (May 2020)

Ghost bride by Pigo Lin

Ghost bride‘ (May 2020)

Pig Lin interview: Hot Spring

Hot spring‘ (2020)

Pig Lin interview: Hide and Seek

Hide-and-seek‘ (2019)

Pig Lin interview: Tequila

Tequila‘ (2019)

Wings to Fly by Pigo Lin

Wings to fly

Pig Lin interview: Morning sunshine

Morning sunshine‘ (2019)

Pig Lin interview: Fire spreading

Fire spreading‘ (2019)

Pig Lin interview: Mark

Mark‘ (2019)

Pig Lin interview: Cobweb

Cobweb‘ (2019)

Pig Lin interview: Champagne

Champagne‘ (2019)

Pig Lin interview: I wear nothing but a few drops of Chanel No. 5 in bed

I wear nothing but a few drops of Chanel No. 5 in bed‘ (2018)

pigo lin painting

Open from back‘ (2020)

pigo lin painting called 'Red Line'

Red line‘ (2020) (Censored)

pigo lin art

Red line‘ (2020) (Uncensored)

female trainer feeding merman by Pigo Lin

Pig Lin interview: Wet Shirt

Wet shirt‘ (2017)

pigo lin art: Two tone Bra

Two tone bra‘ (June 2020)

Pigo Lin's Hula hoop

Hula hoop‘ (June 2020)

pigo lin drunk in a bar

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*Grimms’ Fairy Tales

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Thank you for the interview and for the answer to my question in particular! This kind of drawing can be transferred into prints, stickers or patches, which can be merchandised easily, I suppose.

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