Pigo Lin Reveals Some of the Secrets Behind His Seductive Art
Marijn Kruijff
2 min

Pigo Lin Reveals Some of the Secrets Behind His Seductive Art

2 min

As emphasized on our blog, the Asians have traditionally had a special relationship with erotic art. The young Taiwanese artist Pigo Lin (1984) proves that this is not only limited to ancient Japan, China and India.

Seductive Universe

His tantalizing soft erotic paintings show a confident hand that takes you into one seductive universe with mostly determined women in a dominant position over men. In Lin’s opinion they are clearly the stronger sex. Since we are very curious about what is hidden behind his appealing images, we asked the artist to tell us something more.

Mandarin and English

Exclusively for the readers of Shunga Gallery he reveals some of the secrets behind his mysterious paintings. The artist speaks English but prefers to express himself in his native tongue, therefore his commentary is both in Mandarin and English. Like his art he tries to tell his stories in a simple way…

pigo lin art: tree goddess

Fig.1. ‘Tree goddess‘ (2020)


中國北方的獵人,進入森林狩獵前, 會尋找樹洞或在樹幹上刻一個臉孔,象徵山神,對著膜拜並祈禱平安。男人必須對女人抱持著崇敬的態度, 只有懷著感恩的心才能生存 。
記住, 養育這個世界的不是男人而是女人 。

Tree Goddess

Hunters in northern China, before entering the forest will look for tree holes and make a face in the trunk. This symbolizes the mountain god that they worship and pray to for peace. Men must hold a respectful attitude towards women, and will only survive with gratitude. Remember, it is not men but women who rule this world.

Pigo Lin art: painting called 'Cyprinoid jump over dragon door'

Fig.2. ‘Cyprinoid jump over dragon door‘ (2019)


古代傳說鯉魚跳過”龍門”,就會變化成龍。 中國文化相信,世界上萬物皆有靈魂,而且只要活得夠久, 就能變化成更高等級的生物,如精靈、妖精、魔王,甚至成為神明。 對我而言,女人造就世界,男人只是附屬的存在。男人要進化需要女人加持, 就如鯉魚要跳躍過龍門一樣,通過女人神聖的”洞口” 或 “門檻”,便有昇華的可能。 性交並不是男人強行進入著女人,在我看來是男人在接受女人的試煉,被吸引著無法自拔至精盡人亡。

Cyprinoid Jump Over Dragon Door

According to ancient legends, carps jumped over the “Dragon Gate” and changed into a dragon. Chinese culture believes that all things in the world have souls, and as long as they live long enough, can change into higher level creatures, such as elves, goblins, demons, and even become gods.

Sacred Hole

For me, women rule the world, and men are only subordinate forms of existence. For men to evolve, they need the women’s blessings. Just like a carp jumping through a dragon gate, it is possible to become sublime through the woman’s sacred “hole” or “threshold”.


Sexual intercourse is not a man forcibly entering a woman. It seems to me that a man is undergoing a woman’s judgement and is attracted to being unable to extricate himself to death.

The above paintings are available in Pigo Lin’s shop….! Given that this is an emerging artist, his work is still very affordable (already bought 3 pieces myself). But be warned: his Instagram following is growing rapidly!)*

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