The Elusive Erotic Drawings of Instagram Sensation Petites Luxures
20 juli 2020 
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The Elusive Erotic Drawings of Instagram Sensation Petites Luxures

A buttocks turned red, unfolding bras, a girl with a guy, girls with girls, guys with guys, threesomes, foursomes, pushy hands, a floating arm grabbing between the legs of a female, or a myriad of hands intertwined and entangled across bodies, no intimacy is concealed.

Small Lusts

The fluid black-and-white ink drawings with an occasional color tint (mainly pink) of the enigmatic artist Petites Luxures enrapture many followers of his Instagram account. Over 1.3 million to be precise. Under the moniker “Petites Luxures ” or “Small Lusts” he (until recently, even the artist’s gender was unknown) frequently adds new erotic illustrations to the popular platform since 2014.


His minimalist drawings, the omitted lines, the faceless figures, allow the viewer to fill in the rest thereby enhancing his or her imagination. The attached titles, often a play on words, are occasionally just as puzzling as the maker’s identity.

Bad Grades

What is now known is that he is from Paris and studied applied arts, and has been working as a graphic designer and illustrator for the last 16 years. In an earlier interview with the French magazine Ô Magazine, he said that he got bad grades in school for his nude drawings. Fortunately, this has not discouraged him as his unique nude art now conquers the art world and the public.

Eroticize Everything

About his art Petites Luxures says,’ We can eroticize almost everything in our life, a place, a plate, a color, a visit to the dentist, an hour of the day, the clothes…we can find sex and love everywhere.’ He favors ‘pleasure without ulterior motives or bad feelings,’ because he believes ‘[sex is a] natural need, like eating well.’ Also, the artist prefers to define his drawings as intimate instead of erotic, because this adjective gives a more ‘personal, spontaneous and sincere’ idea of what is presented.

Below you can find some of his intimate fantasies…

Cut out paper work from the series ‘French Fruits‘ (2020) (Hashimoto Contemporary)

Sittin’ on the top of the world‘ (2020)

Mirrorgasm‘ (2020)

Le trip hot (The hot trip)‘ (2020)

Rosée osée (Daring dew)‘ (2020)

Envie en vue (Envy in sight)‘ (2020)

Pénétravail‘ (2020)

Satisfesse (Satisfaction)‘ (2020)

Courir deux lèvres à la fois (Ride two lips at a time)‘ (2020)

Le contrebaisiste (The double bass player)‘ (20200

Café corsé (Strong coffee)‘ (2020)

Great tits‘ (2020)

Des reins d’airain (Brass kidneys)‘ (2020)

La minette aux manettes (Trefoil at the controls)‘ (2020)

Teddy père‘ (2020)

petites luxures

Je Vous Déclare Mariées Femmes (I Declare You Woman and Woman)‘ (2021)

petiters luxures illustration

La Visite Guidée (The Guided Tour)‘ (2021)

petites luxures erotic

A quick ink sketch done while listening to Bizet’s Pearls Fishers sung by Caruso (2021)

petites luxures prints

Ton cul, hier, en cuiller (Lit. Your ass, yesterday, in a spoon)‘ (2021)

petites luxures blowjob

Ôter L’émoi de la Bouche (Take the words right out of the mouth)‘ (2021)

petites luxures artist

Et le Tour Est Joui (And There You Go!)‘ (2021)

petites luxures art

Se La Couler Douche (Showering)‘ (2021)

petites luxures French artist

Aller Comme Onguent (To Fit Like a Glove)‘ (2021)

petites luxures masturbation

Finger Leakin’ Good‘ (2021)

petites luxures orgasm

Avoir un Orgasme A Voir un Orgasme (Having an Orgasm, Watching an Orgasm)‘ (2021)

petites luxures

L’Orifice du Tourisme (Tourist Orifice)‘ (2021)

petites luxures Instagram

Le Coffre à Jouir‘ (2021) This one is a wordplay where the expression « coffre à jouets » (toys chest) was twisted in « coffre à jouir », « jouir » meaning « to come » (in the sense of getting some pleasure) – The artist on Twitter

petites luxures breasts

Jouisseins (Coming with the breasts)‘ (2021)

petites luxures fingering

Click HERE to check out a rare 19th century scroll with minimalist “silhouette” paintings….!!

You can check out the artist’s latest work on his Instagram account….!!

Update 14-08-2020

Recently the mysterious artist got out of anonymity and issued his first book entitled Histoires intimes and under his real name Simon Frankart. For this book, he asked his more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram to write in with their favorite amorous memories. From thousands of entries, he has selected the 50 most inspiring stories, and portrays these sensual, poetic, and often amusing anecdotes with illustrations in his refined signature style.

Do you share the enthusiasm of the Petites Luxures fans on Instagram? Leave your reaction in the comment box below….!!

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