sergio bleda fellatio
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The Revealing Fetishes of Spanish Cartoonist Sergio Bleda

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Art and eroticism are concepts that go hand in hand from their very conception. Studying the anatomy of the human body also entails knowing pleasure and enjoyment. For this reason, sexuality and, in this case, fetishes, can also be a form of human expression in which to pour out our desires, concerns and thoughts.

His Own Fetishes

This is the case of Sergio Bleda, a Spanish comic creator who, through his erotica (illustrations and drawings), seeks to provoke emotions through his own fetishes, without hesitation or modesty. It is a form of liberation for the artist to, at the same time, connect with the sexuality of those who look at the work.

sergiobleda portrait photo

Fig.1. Sergio Bleda, 2018 (

Show Them Shamelessly

“Art (good art, at least) must provoke an emotion. It is at odds with indifference, with monotony, with boredom. At some point in my career, perhaps at the beginning, surely unconsciously, I began to look for that provocation in the reader through the representation of my own fetishes. My obsessions. Since it was impossible for me to get rid of them, I decided to embrace them and show them shamelessly. It is liberating and fun. Stockings, garter belts, heels and, of course, female feet. I'm not very original, I know, but I'm honest. The handcuffs, the ropes. It is ironic that a libertarian rebel like me is seduced by the idea of submission. The idea of consensual bondage in BDSM is something that fascinates me”, explains Sergio Bleda.

Completely Immersive

Bleda's erotic work is cherished, not only because of the sexual emotions that they can arouse in contemplating them or because of the complete and fortunately unrepressed erotic manifestations they contain, but because the details make the protagonists' passionate experience completely immersive. Erotic art has always been one of Bleda's passions, which he will continue to explore as his Instagram account indicates.

sergio bleda El Baile del Vampiro (The Vampire Dance)

Fig.2. El Baile del Vampiro (The Vampire Dance)

Horror Genre

Sergio Bleda Villada was born in Albacete in 1974). He is mostly known for his works within the horror genre, although he has also cultivated other genres and worked in illustration,, advertising and film production design. His works have been published in several European countries and in the United States.

The Vampire Dance

Bleda started his professional career in 1991 producing newspaper strips, and continued to publish in Spain, where his rise to popularity would come with "El Baile del Vampiro (The Vampire Dance)", a series published by Planeta DeAgostini within its Laberinto line. This miniseries earned Bleda the nomination for the "revelation author" award from the "Saló internacional del comic de Barcelona" in 1998. He currently directs his products mainly to the European market. He is also one of the founders of the Spanish Comic Authors Association.

sergio bleda erotic drawing


sergio bleda Bed and Breakfast

Fig.4. Bed and Breakfast (2022)

Hotel Room Sergio Bleda

Fig.5.  Hotel Room (2022)

erotich drawing Friday Sergio Bleda

Fig.6. Friday (2022)

sergio bleda erotic illustration


sergio bleda caressing leg


sergio bleda Pink and White

Fig.9. Pink and White (2022)

sergio bleda bondage


sergio bleda shibari


sergio bleda fellatio


sergio bleda fetish erotica


Sergio Bleda erotica

Fig.14. Sexy Girl In the Morning

Sergio Bleda  Wednesday for two

Fig.15.  Wednesday for two (2022)

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