Tree of Love by Alphachanneling
Marijn Kruijff
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Alphachanneling: Exploring the Divine Realm of Erotic Art

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With over one and a half a million followers on Instagram, Alphachanneling has emerged as a prominent figure in the domain of erotic art. Their* "Utopian Erotic" drawings, characterized by soft colors, thin lines, and psychedelic florals, offer a delicate yet explicitly sexual expression of human intimacy. Through their work, Alphachanneling delves into some of our rawest, most intimate moments, weaving together spirituality and sensuality in unexpected ways.

Deep Dream by Alphachanneling

Fig.1  Deep Dream (2023)

Tree of Love by Alphachanneling

Fig.2. Tree of Love (2023)

Egon Schiele and Rodin

The human form has always captivated Alphachanneling, drawing inspiration from artists like Egon Schiele and Rodin. While they initially explored figure drawing from models, they eventually transitioned to drawing directly from imagination. This approach allows them to delve deeper into personal expression, shaping bodies into forms that capture the essence of human experience—physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Wet Dream by Alphachanneling

Fig.3. Wet Dream (2023)

Wild Jungle Cat by Alphachanneling

Fig.4. Wild Jungle Cat (2023)

Poetry of Rumi

At the core of Alphachanneling's art is the belief that desire is an expression of the divine, deserving of celebration and exaltation in all its forms. Influenced by the poetry of Rumi, their work serves as a form of praise and joy, challenging societal norms around sexuality and desire. Their influences range from mysticism and occultism to folk art, outsider art, and indigenous traditions, reflecting a diverse tapestry of inspirations.

Love Dance by Alphachanneling

Fig.5. Love Dance (2023)

Lovers' Knot by Alphachanneling

Fig.6.  Lovers' Knot (2023)


Navigating Instagram's strict censorship rules can be a challenge for erotic artists, yet Alphachanneling's work manages to straddle the line between delicate innocence and provocative sensuality. His art is explicit yet graceful, confronting viewers with sexuality in a gentle and reverential manner. This nuanced approach may contribute to his ability to avoid censorship, although his work still faces occasional removal from the platform.

Hidden Worlds by Alphachanneling

Fig.7. Hidden Worlds

Beware of Cats! by Alphachanneling

Fig.8. Beware of Cats! 

Safe Space

Erotic art, according to Alphachanneling, plays a crucial role in normalizing human sexuality and expanding our understanding of love and desire. It provides a safe space for exploration, allowing individuals to embrace their sexuality without shame or judgment. Through their art, Alphachanneling invites viewers to revel in the beauty of being alive and the richness of human sensuality.

erotic art by Alphachanneling


Breakfast of Champions by Alphachanneling

Fig.10. Breakfast of Champions

Brush stroke folks by Alphachanneling

Fig.11. Brush stroke folks

So rough, So gentle by Alphachanneling

Fig.12. So rough, So gentle

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Sources: the images were kindly provided by Alphachanneling

*the artist prefers to be referred to as they/them, rather than have a gender attached to his persona.

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