Jim of Germany bondage
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Kinky Femdom Art From the Mysterious Jim of Germany

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Nothing is known about the true identity of the German artist responsible for the kinky femdom (dominatrix) drawings where women call the shots. Some of his works are signed Jim, and so as not to confuse him with Swiss Jim (best-known for his creation 'Baroness Steel' - Fig.1), he is now known as Jim of Germany or German Jim.

Baroness Steel Swiss Jim

Fig.1. 'Baroness Steel ' by Swiss Jim

More Robust

Stylistically and thematically there are clear similarities with the work of his (or her) French contemporary Bernard Montorgueil, although the female protagonists are more robust. Another connection to German Jim and Montorgueil seems to be the French publisher Dominique Leroy, who republished books of both artists in the 1970s, including Jim's Hilda. His album Wilma, Die strenge zuchtherrin, (Wilma, the Strict Breeding Mistress) was reissued in 1980.

Jim of Germany


Assured Sensuality

Hilda, Wet Memories of a Lady of the Past is a true saga of the Roaring Twenties beginning immediately after World War I (1914-1918). It tells the story through the diary of a young orphan teenager who becomes a fulfilled young woman with assured sensuality.

Resilience of Gretchen

The place of action is Paris, which is considered an ideal place for sexual experiences. The heroine is not called Françoise, but simply Hilda, and she has the robustness of a Valkyrie and more the resilience of a Gretchen (from Faust) than the tenderness of a Parisian.

Jim of German Hilda


Licentious Content

This novel from the time when every bourgeoisie had a very special section in their library: "Hell" and where the licentious content was signed Rops, Hérouard or Icart, is embellished with artwork by Jim of German.

Alienating Feeling

One of the most striking features in German Jim's work is that he sometimes drew over faces from photos, giving the reader the alienating feeling that one is not truly viewing at an illustration but looking at parts of a photograph (Fig.7).

jim of germany cunnilingus


Jim of Germany femdom


jim of Germany bdsm


Jim of Germany bondage


jim of germany spanking


German Jim bondage


jim of Germany dominatrix


Femdom fantasies by Jim of Germany


Jim of Germany mistress


jim of germany Hilda


femdom fellatio jim of germany


femdom art mistress jim of germany


femdom art humiliation


femdom art nurse mistress


femdom art dildo


jim of germany spanking art


jim of germany artist


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