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Feminine Mystique As Revealed In the Photographic Nudes of Ed Fox

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The American video editor and photographer Ed Fox (1967) was born in California and grew up in what he himself describes in an 'almost poor family who had too much pride to take advantage of government assistance.'

He always felt like an artist, wanting to make things from junior high on, taking stop-motion animation class and shooting mini-movies with a VHS camera. He finally got his hands on a still camera at 17 and noticed how shooting girls made him suddenly popular.

ed fox photography feet erotic


Emphasis On Feet

He was accepted to Pasadena's Art Center College of Design with a partial scholarship, his goal to be a Playboy photographer, but even long after graduating he couldn't get women to pose. Fox finally got a job in 1996 that allowed him to hire a professional model and sold his first photos to a magazine. After that, he began shooting for Leg Show magazine regularly, because his work has an emphasis on feet (Fig.1 and 7).

Feminine Mystique 

Nowadays he continues his exploration of the feminine mystique and models are very easy to find: Agencies send him emails every day, but he prefers to see a model on the net and go after her. Models also approach him with the request to shoot them.

ed fox nude with red stockings


ed fox nude female sitting on the toilet


ed fox bondage


ed fox nude female with clothespins


ed fox nude photography


ed fox licking feet


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Sources: The New Erotic Photography by Dian Hanson, erographic.com