Alexey Aloisov photography
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Alexey Aloisov's Erotic Photography: Capturing Contradictions and Conflict

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The Russian photographer Alexey Aloisov was born February 9, 1973, in Samara. This was Soviet times, and he was first educated as a physician, working with an ambulance crew, then in the development of new drugs.

Task of Erotic Work

For several years after that Aloisov was a very important expert in information technology but in the early 2000s he found his calling as a photographer. In his view the task of erotic work is not only to show the beauty of the body, but to carry the viewer a message that puts him into conflict with the picture and with himself. He doesn't want to take snapshots for viewing in a hammock. When he photographs, he tries to create a situation impossible in reality, often combining conflicting forces. In this sense, Aloisov's work would be considered an "oxymoron in photography."

Alexey Aloisov with models

Fig.1. Alexey Aloisov with models

Ideal Model

He prefers not to work with professional or even experienced models, as they are so full of cliches and stereotypes. The ideal model for him is a fan of his shots, ready for his extreme proposals, willing to improvise. Aloisov needs a sense of inner freedom, one who will not say "no" to his questions. He likes to see a beautiful face, but he's worried much less about that than the girl's ability to express her female self. His perfect model should surrender to him totally in the photographic sense. For him. erotic and lust are inseparable, though we also want something more than lust. In an erotic image he wants to see the personality of a woman who deserves empathy or even love.

Alexey Aloisov nudes


Alexey Aloisov nude photography


Alexey Aloisov photography


Alexey Aloisov nude on the stairs


Alexey Aloisov nude on the stairs detail


Alexey Aloisov photographer


Alexey Aloisov nude on bed


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