The Surrealist Kazuki Takamatsu and His Gloomy Depth Map Paintings (42 Pics)
Marijn Kruijff
8 min

The Surrealist Kazuki Takamatsu and His Gloomy Depth Map Paintings (43 Pics)

8 min

In 1978, the outstanding graphics researcher Lance Williams (1949- 2017) introduced the revolutionary ‘depth map’ technique, a process by which shadows are added to 3D computer graphics. Coincidentally, the year of this invention was also the birth year of the Japanese artist Kazuki Takamatsu (1978) who would become widely known for using this technique in his art.

Amazing Depth

Takamatsu combines the traditional medium gouache, with which he paints monochromatic translucent objects that appear to float over his black backgrounds, while at the same time using ‘depth map’. With the latter every pixel on the object is a shade of gray that is proportional to its distance from the object looking at it. The game between these two techniques give a real sense of surrealism and amazing depth. His hologram-like, female figures look as if they were digital, though they are executed entirely by hand.

Please come in‘ (2016)

Machine Gun

In his paintings, inspired by Japanese girl’s comics, Takamatsu plays with dark and light. Not only in his use of colors but also in his subject matter. His floating, serene-looking fairy tale figures (mainly young females) with their angelic appearance are counterbalanced by the presence of a skeleton or them holding a machine gun, a samurai sword or a nail bat.

Kazuki Takamatsu girl with machine gun

Metaphorical Expression

In an earlier interview Takamatsu explains the following about his motives, “Black and white are a metaphorical expression of positive and negative, good and bad, race and religion. By mixing modern digital material with analogue ones, I hope to recreate the emotions young guys and girls feel towards the modern society… and the consistency that elapses between the human and the digital society. Each and every one of the layers in my paintings represents a distance where there isn’t any shade or any light, an environment in which you can explore dark themes such as death and the current social conditions.”

All Over the World

Kazuki Takamatsu’s work has been displayed all over the world, in galleries based in Asia, USA and Europe.

Because I am a doll 

Self-control‘  © Kazuki Takamatsu

Kazuki Takamatsu half length portrait girl

Kazuki Takamatsu phoning girl

Kazuki Takamatsu three young girls

Look For A New Place

Kazuki Takamatsu phone

Physical contact‘ © Kazuki Takamatsu (Courtesy of Gallery Tomura)

How to make‘ © Kazuki Takamatsu (Courtesy of Gallery Tomura)

Kazuki Takamatsu Look for the enemy endlessly

Look for the Enemy Endlessly

Kazuki Takamatsu Goat

Rice Time‘ (2008)

Kazuki Takamatsu fantastical beasts

fantastical beasts Kazuki Takamatsu

Fantastical Beasts‘ Exhibition L.A.

Kazuki Takamatsu Chaijed girl

Kazuki Takamatsu posing girl

kazuki takamatsu depth map erotica

Kazuki Takamatsu girls with swords

Kazuki Takamatsu girls with flamed arms

Kazuki Takamatsu seductive girl

Kazuki Takamatsu female samurai

Kazuki Takamatsu surrealism

Girl with skeleton Kazuki Takamatsu

Kazuki Takamatsu peeing girl

Kazuki Takamatsu throne

Kazuki Takamatsu art seductive girl

Kazuki Takamatsu sitting girl

Kazuki Takamatsu skeleton head

Kazuki Takamatsu girls

Kazuki Takamatsu analog work

kazuki takamatsu girls with guns

kazuki takamatsu girl soldier

kazuki takamatsu girls with cityscape

kazuki takamatsu girl salto

kazuki takamatsu three models

Kazuki Takamatsu red

Kazuki Takamatsu surrealist artist

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