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21 Fantasy Pin-Ups Of the Korean Designer Kyu Yong Eom

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Kyu Yong Eom is a gifted and resourceful digital artist and character designer who lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. He was born in 1979 in a small town outside Seoul, South Korea. Because of his introverted personality he spent a lot of time alone at home as a child.. At that time, there was not much cultural media in Korea through which to enjoy foreign culture.

Kyu Yong Eon the red throneFig.1.  'The Red Throne '(2022)

Steven Spielberg

For most Korean families, foreign movies on TV on weekends were one of the biggest entertainments, so Kyu always enjoyed those times very much. He loved the films of the big directors, such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, James Cameron or Ridley Scott, and he would always draw scenes from those films during their broadcast. The influences acquired then helped him much later as a professional. When he was 12 years old, his father bought him a Japanese 8-bit console, and he dreamed of one day making a game based on a movie.


At 18, his parents' business wasn't doing well, so he couldn't attend professional art education classes. From then on, he was working at various part-time jobs during the day to earn a living, while self-taught art studies at night.

PC Game Development

In 2004, at the age of 26, he got a job at an online PC game development company as an artist in charge of concept art. There he started an internship and participated in the development of numerous games with different companies.

Freelance Illustrator

Finally, after serving as an art director at Netmarblea large game development company in Korea in 2017 he left the company to work as a professional freelance illustrator. Currently, Kyu is making various figures based on his illustrations and actively working on movies, comics, and novels. He also worked on the Kingdom Death* board game.

Below a collection of the artist's busty fantasy pin-ups...

Kyu Yong Eon the power of angerFig.2.  'The Power of Anger ' (2020)

Kyu Yong EonFig.3. 'The Light in the Dark ' (2020)

Kyu Yong Eon Red HairFig.4. 'Red Hair '

Kyu Yong Eon The light girlFig.5. 'The Light Girl ' (2020)

Kyu Yong Eon PromiseFig.6. 'Promise

Kyu Yong Eon Cheers!Fig.7.  'Cheers!'  (2020)

Kyu Yong Eon Long Red DawnFig.8.  'Long Red Dawn ' (2021)

Kyu Yong Eon White AngelFig.9.  'White Angel ' (2021)

Kyu Yong Eon Sweet DreamsFig.10.  'Sweet Dreams' (2022)

Kyu Yong Eon VampirellaFig.11.  'Vampirella #13 '(2020)

Kyu Yong Eon Birth of an AngelFig.12.  'Birth of an Angel ' (2022)

Kyu Yong Eon ChiharuFig.13.  'Chiharu ' (Aug 2022)

Kyu Yong Eon Black RabbitFig.14.  'Black Rabbit ' (2020)

Kyu Yong Eon Blade DancerFig.15.  'Blade Dancer ' (2020)

Kyu Yong Eon StarlightFig.16. 'Starlight ' (2020)

Kyu Yong Eon Endless LoveFig. 17. 'Endless Love ' (2020)

Kyu Yong Eon Memories for you and IFig.18. 'Memories of You and I ' (2020)

Kyu Yong Eon New LifeFig.19. 'New LIfe...' (2020)

Kyu Yong Eon AspirinFig. 20. 'Aspirin' (2020)

Kyu Yong Eon Black StarFig.21. 'Black Star ' (2020)

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Sources: Twitter, ArtStation

Kingdom Death: Monster is a strategy board game designed to be played by four players who take on the role of adventurers having barely survived an attack by a monstrous lion.