Takuya Mitani erotic
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Horrors and Fairytales of Takuya Mitani, the Artist Praised by Senju

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The Japanese illustrator Takuya Mitani (b. 1985) creates elegant pictures full of subtle eroticism that attract the attention of other acknowledged masters. Senju, whose works the Shunga Gallery followers highly appreciate and who's known as a true devotee of shunga, once left a positive reaction to Mitani's fantasy depiction of a cherry tree blossoming in the moonlight. We suppose our audience will enjoy the dive into Mitani's nihonga art as much as we do!

Utopia Dreaming by Takuya Mitani,

Fig. 1. Utopia Dreaming, 2019 (Instagram.com)

What is it? by Takuya Mitani,

Fig. 2. What is it? (Instagram.com) Senju: Very nice works from this artist!

 Thunder Goddess by What is it? by Takuya Mitani,

Fig. 3. Thunder Goddess, 2017 (Instagram.com)

 Takuya Mitani

Fig. 4. Instagram.com

 Takuya Mitani Japanese artist

Fig. 5. Instagram.com

Takuya Mitani erotic

Fig. 6. Instagram.com

 Takuya Mitani

Fig. 7. Instagram.com

 A lonely night where even distant thunder cannot reach by Katuya Mitani

Fig. 8. A lonely night where even distant thunder cannot reach (instagram.com)

 Katuya Mitani Studio on the Hill

Fig. 9. Studio on the Hill (twitter.com)

Beauty and the Beasts

Takuya Mitani graduated from Visual Arts College, Department of Broadcasting and Film, and initially worked as a video lighting assistant and technician. A slight homage to his profession connected with cinematography can be seen in his Studio on the Hill elaborating on the plot of the famous movie by Georges Méliès: "I drew a short story like when boys and girls went to return the moon from the top of a small hill with Moon people who had fallen to the ground." When he decided to devote himself to painting, his talent was recognized by the audience. In 2016, Mitani received a Special Jury Award at the Asian Imaginative Art Exhibition and, the following year, an Excellence Award at the Asian Imaginative Art Exhibition. The artist holds exhibitions at the art centers in Tokyo, where he now resides. Describing his art, Mitani says, "Many of the things I pursue, such as purity, elegance, and cuteness, are born from my daily fantasies. However, I cannot be content with pure "beauty" alone, and I deliberately try to include ugliness or things that make me fearful on the canvas."

 Liar Wolf by Takuya Mitani

Fig. 10. Liar Wolf, 2022 (Instagram.com)

 Like a Wolf by Takuya Mitani

Fig. 11. Like a Wolf, 2022 (Instagram.com)

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