Rome by non con artist Sabu detail fellatio
Marijn Kruijff
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The Non-Con Universe Of the Brazilian Artist Sabu

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Widely employable "bovine" girls, a market place for busty giantesses, dominant goblins, facialized elves, a chained mermaid abused by boatmen, seductive femboy fatales, a kidnapped policewoman subjected to fellatio, adult parodies on classic video games The Legend of Zelda and World of Warcraft, the Joker forcing Batgirl to perform oral sex while recording it on his iPhone, a Hindu god who gives a handjob to six cocks at the same time, or lusty orgies in historic and futuristic settings. Welcome to the grotesque hentai universe of Sabu.

Jaina Proudmoore (World of Warcraft) by sabu

Fig.1. Jaina Proudmoore (World of Warcraft) (21 Nov 2020)

Taboo Themes

Sabu or Sabudenego, a Brazilian erotic artist, has been immersing himself in the world of adult artwork since 2009, transitioning to a full-time pursuit in 2014. His creative endeavors largely orbit around taboo themes such as "Non-con" (non-consensual), "Dub-con (Dubious consent)," and "Bondage," with his acclaimed series, "The Sex-Arcade," taking center stage, offering viewers a glimpse into the darker realms of human desire and fantasy. In recent times, Sabu has diversified his artistic output, allocating half of his creative energy to crafting "Femboy (Futanari)" themed art.

165+k Twitter followers

Delving into the motivations behind his artistic choices, Sabu provides insight into his fascination with "Non-con" themes on his site. He candidly admits that his affinity for the dark and controversial subject matter stems from personal preference and an established audience base (165+k Twitter followers). While acknowledging that his predilection may not align with everyone's taste, Sabu emphasizes the importance of creating content that resonates with both the artist and their audience.

Real-World Harm

Addressing ethical concerns surrounding his work, particularly regarding minors' exposure and accusations of promoting violence against women, Sabu firmly defends his artistic integrity. He asserts that his creations are intended for mature audiences capable of discerning between fantasy and reality, dismissing any notion that his art contributes to real-world harm.

Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 3 Remake) by Sabu

Fig.2. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 3 Remake) (July 2022)


Interestingly, Sabu distinguishes between the treatment of different fantasies within his artwork, highlighting the disparity in reception between his "Femboy" and male-on-female power play themes. He attributes this to personal preferences and rejects moral interpretations of his artistic choices, advocating for individual freedom of expression.

Diverse Palette

The diverse palette of Sabu's illustrations is featured through striking color accents and detailed settings with often interesting activity in the background. Also well done are the facial expressions such as in "Local Cop Is Missing" (Fig...) where the line of waiting men alternately look pleased and ashamed.

Rome by non con artist Sabu

Fig.3. Rome (18 June 2020)


Rome (Fig.3) shows the artist's great versatility, jumping easily from a futuristic cyberpunk (Fig.1 and 2) to an ancient Roman setting. For this illustration, he got a lot of inspiration from the “Rome” HBO series.

Rome by non con artist Sabu detail fellatio


Rome by non con artist Sabu detail background orgy


Samurai Boys (6 Nov 2023) by Sabu

Fig.4.  Samurai Boys (6 Nov 2023)

close-up Samurai Boys (6 Nov 2023) by Sabu


Auto Repair (31 June 2021) by Sabu

Fig.5.  Auto Repair (31 June 2021)

Supergirl (28 Oct 2021) by Sabu

Fig.6. Supergirl (28 Oct 2021)

Lucy (CP2077) (13 Jan 2023) by Sabu

Fig.7. Lucy (CP2077) (13 Jan 2023)

Lucy (CP2077) (13 Jan 2023) by Sabu (detail)


Lucy (CP2077) (13 Jan 2023) by the Sabu


Cheap Elf Ass (15 Dec 2023) by Sabu

Fig.8. Cheap Elf Ass (15 Dec 2023) by Sabu

Cheap Elf Ass (15 Dec 2023) by Sabu (detail)


Hill Tim’s Manual for Breeding and Caring of Domestic Bovines – Part 2 (Jan 2024) by Sabu

Fig.9. Hill Tim’s Manual for Breeding and Caring of Domestic Bovines – Part 2 (Jan 2024)

Jinx (13 June 2019) by Sabu

Fig.10. Jinx (13 June 2019) by Sabu

Jinx (detail)


Jinx (detail) by Sabu


Fig.11. "Local cop still missing" (Dec 2023)


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