The Art of Anal Sex by Torii Kiyonaga
24 december 2017 
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The Art of Anal Sex by Torii Kiyonaga

This more unusual shunga scene depicts a geisha – recognizable by her black haori – from the unlicensed Fukugawa prostitute district. She has her eyes closed during this sexual bout of anal penetration. This is a perfectly balanced composition, where the rich black creates a counterweight to the genitalia. The blocks of colour and patterns can perhaps best be described as a sequence of perfectly interlocking puzzle shapes.

The Art of Anal Sex

Anal intercourse

Pleasure and Pain

Shunga expert Richard Lane on this design: “…This curiously impelling scene features anal sex – which, as displayed here, may well offer a mixture of pleasure and pain for the female.The composition is impeccable, however: again featuring that variety of striking geisha in black haori – her visage likewise somehow reminiscent of Utamaro’s okubi-e masterpiece of nearly a decade later, “Matron in Love.”

The Art of Anal Sex

Meiji impression (c.1880s)

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Source: ‘The Complete Ukiyo-e Shunga – Kiyonaga’s Sode No Maki (The Sleeve Scroll) Vol. 24′ by Richard Lane

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