The Decomposing of a Subversive Piece of Art Depicting a Threesome
12 november 2017 
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The Decomposing of a Subversive Piece of Art Depicting a Threesome

The depiction of threesomes within the art of shunga is not uncommon but they are pretty scarce. In many cases it concerns a male with two females or one female with two males (often gay related). Although threesomes are pretty rare in ancient Japanese shunga, in the subversive art of Jeff Faerber (1974) it’s the rule rather than the exception (slightly exaggerated).


Below you can find such an example displaying an amusing and unusual adaptation with one of the females sporting a strap-on (in Japanese harigata) penetrating the male while performing cunnilingus to the other female protagonist. It shows the work from the early sketch stage to the finished painting. At the end you can find two examples of ancient Japanese shunga by Utamaro and Shuncho with similar themes…

Subversive art: Preparatory sketch of an intimate threesome by Jeff Faerber

Preparatory sketch (2017)

subversive art: Detail preparatory painting depicting strap-on dildo

Detail preparatory painting

subversive art: detail with female licking the pussy with anal sex by Jeff faerber

Close-up detail

subversive art with intimate couple and samurai swords in the background

Detail preparatory painting

subversive painting depicting a threesome with lesbian and anal sex

Unfinished preparatory painting

subversive art painting with lesbian and anal sex

Finished painting entitled ‘Utilizing the scientific method, a trio gather empirical evidence over the veracity of the saying “what is good for the goose is good for the gander‘ (2017)

Utamaro -shunga - threesome

Threesome‘ (c.1802) from the series ‘Ehon karanishiki (Picture-Book of the Chinese Brocade)‘ by Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806)

subversive art with lesbian encounter by Shuncho

Lesbian couple using a harigata‘ (late 1780s) by Katsukawa Shuncho (act.1770s-1790s)

This unrecorded print is surely one of the great ukiyo-e lesbian designs. It predates by around a dozen years, the famous image of the same subject by Chokyosai Eiri (c.1789-1801) from the series Models of Calligraphy, c.1801.

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