Lesbian Veggies, Intimate Tinderers, and Funny Socks by Jeff Faerber
Marijn Kruijff
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Lesbian Veggies, Intimate Tinderers, and Funny Socks by Jeff Faerber

2 min

In this blog you’ll be the first to explore no less than three new shunga pieces by Jeff Faerber (1974).  In the first one we see a rare portrayal of a lesbian couple (sporting a striking octopus tattoo) having a sensual cucumber party, then a straight scene with a self-absorbed Tinder couple, and lastly a sock hop of a loving couple near a classical brass incense burner with foo-dog ornaments.

jeff faerber lesbian shunga art
A decadent tryst unfolded as the two vegans yearned for bodily sustenance as they drank aromatic tea and sandwiched a cucumber‘ (June 2021)

Lesbian Shungas

Jeff’s comment: “I’ve been wanting to include some more fun props as recently, most of mine have been tech related and getting a bit repetitive. So I thought veggies would be fun. Also, I have not done that many lesbian shungas and figured it was time.”

lesbian veggies erotic art

jeff faerber shunga art

With a sense of expanding possibility, with the universe alive, with hearts open and vulnerable, with two swipes right they meet, the two Tinderers tinder, pulsing with options and still more swipes left and right and right and possibility and yet more swiping right now for the innumerable and eternal encounters that await” (June 2021)

jeff faerber tattoo

Short Attention Spans

Jeff’s comment: “For the tinder piece, I was just thinking about how short attention spans are and even when we are doing enjoyable things, we get distracted and wonder about the NEXT enjoyable thing.  And online dating is like a conveyor belt of options that can be ridiculous and fun at the same time.”

shunga jeff faerber

An invigorating evening of scented candles, curried yams and boinking in dinosaur socks complimented the plum wine pairing for the friends with benefits.” (June 2021)

jeff faerber close up intercourse

Fun Socks

Jeff’s comment: “There is less of a concept here, other than I think having sex in fun socks can be fun. And the traditional Japanese robes feels so high brow and elegant that matching them with kiddie apparel is quite the pairing.”

modern jhunga art

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