New Jeff Faerber Piece Includes a Honorable Nod to Jim Mahfood’s Art
Marijn Kruijff
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New Jeff Faerber Piece Includes a Honorable Nod to Jim Mahfood's Art

1 min

The artist Jeff Faerber added a new shunga painting to his oeuvre. Just like his penultimate piece it depicts a threesome. In this case it concerns a blue-haired woman with her two male lovers. The folding screen behind them features two herons standing on a branch.

Title: “As they experienced exuberant, weightless relief from day-to-day reality, the sense of alchemy which transmuted movement and friction into celestial mystery, their encounter was passively listened to and transmitted by apps to both corporate eavesdroppers and to Moldavian hackers.” (May 2020)

Group Sex

Jeff explains: ‘For the title, I always laugh about the idea of having a threesome, where 2 people have sex and the third person is inadvertently on the other end of their phone. So for this piece, I thought of group sex with three people and several eavesdroppers (with various stages of ill intent). Trying to sell them dog food, or mortgages or steal their PIN numbers.’

Jim Mahfood

The tattoos are inspired by (or directly lifted from) Jim Mahfood (1975) an hailed American comic book artist aka Food One. He is a much sought-after illustrator and worked for newspapers and among others Marvel Comics on several Spider-Man titles.

Visual Funk

Mahfood’s success came after he did the illustrations for two comic books based on Kevin Smith’s movie Clerks. His style is known by the moniker neo-psychedelic Visual Funk. He defines it as funk music without the sound. A visual mixture of American comic book art, Japanese anime, graffiti art, Psychedelic art and Rock posters from the 60s, the neo-expressionist New York movement from the late 70’s early 80’s, and his own secret ingredients.

Jim Mahfood: honey bees cybernary dreams

Honey Bee’s Cybernary Dreams‘ by Jim Mahfood

jim mahfood: star wars

Star Wars

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