Jeff Faerber Painting with Intimate Couple and Testicle-licking Cat
25 december 2019 
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Jeff Faerber Painting with Intimate Couple and Testicle-licking Cat

The last Jeff Faerber painting of this year bears the following amusing title:

Two introverts, having imbibed the requisite volume of alcohol to overcome their inhibitions, surrender to lust’s demands while google hangout notifications ping, punctuating each thrust‘ (December 2019)

New Jeff Faerber painting with intimate couple and ass-licking cat

Jeff added the following blurb to the painting:

“As with most people, I have a love/hate relationship with technology. A group of friends and I have a group chat thread were we rant about politics, art, and our jobs. Usually someone will pitch in every few hours or so, but there are times when 2 or 3 of us will be active simultaneously and the constant buzzing starts to pick up pace, feeding on its enthusiasm, and resemble a feeding frenzy or some other frantic activity.

No Alcohol

Even with my phone on silent (which it almost always is) the buzz of the vibration can sometimes be distracting, if hypothetically my wife and I are otherwise engaged. Anyway, this piece may or may not have been inspired by buzzing hand held devices intruding on moments of bonding, although in real life, no alcohol was necessary. Also, I love the art of Takashi Murakami and thought it would look great as a tattoo (there is not other hidden meaning).”

Takashi Murakami

As Jeff mentioned, in the below left corner he brings tribute to the artist Takashi Murakami (1962) referring to the tattoo on the calf of the female. Murakami is an influential contemporary Japanese artist who lives in the U.S.

Jeff faerber painting honoring Takashi Murakami

Artwork by Takashi Murakami (Image source:

Andy Warhol

By many critics called the Japanese Andy Warhol, Murakami’s work combines high and low art, visual arts and commercial media. He challenges the intersection between Asian and Western culture, exploring the fashionable inclinations of both through his refined adjustment of Japanese painting, comic strips, anime, sexual fantasies and social critique.

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