Jeff Faerber's Twitter Feed Shunga, Grim Reapers and Serpent
10 april 2019 
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Jeff Faerber's Twitter Feed Shunga, Grim Reapers and Serpent

Jeff Faerber‘s freshly released new shunga painting…

Fatalistic Tattoo

A female keeps track of her Twitter feed while being anally penetrated from behind. The male sports a fatalistic tattoo on his calf with two grim reapers holding a long list of victims whose heart he broke.

Twitter feed shunga


The tattooed serpent on his upper leg, that could refer to the trickster of the Garden of Eden, also promises little good about his morals.*

The luxuriant couple inhales the essence of spring, as the woman of respectable repute contemplates which hashtags might best elucidate her evening’s raison d’être to the Twittersphere with the leading contenders being: #yassass #Bootyfull #Rumphump #bumcum” (April 2019) by Jeff Faerber

Click HERE for more of his enticing art…!!

*These are my own interpretations of this work

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Marijn is the founder of With more than 20 years of experience within the sensual and erotic art of shunga he is an authority in the genre. During this time he served many customers with complementing their art collection.
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