Jeff Faerber's Erotic Parameters, Heteronormative Behavior and Oxford Commas
24 februari 2019 
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Jeff Faerber's Erotic Parameters, Heteronormative Behavior and Oxford Commas

Two appealing newly produced shunga paintings by the Brooklyn-based artist Jeff Faerber. A lovely detail in the first painting that refers to ancient shunga is the position of the feet were an important indicator of the female’s pleasure or displeasure. In this case there can be no doubt which of the two it is.


In the second piece the artist evokes the griminess (grease spots and stains) of old shunga books and prints that went from hand to hand over time.

jeff faerber erotic art

The gentleman caller used wit, clever anecdotes and properly placed Oxford commas in his banter at his rendezvous with his intended, and she responded in kind with just enough innuendo and strategically placed triple entendres so as to ensure a return to her place so they could define the erotic parameters of their evening.” (2019)

jeff faerber erotic art

Reclining couple documenting their heteronormative behavior for distribution across various social media platforms, made SFW with the use of strategically placed emojis such as 🍆, 😄, and ❤️” (2019)

Ten Most Important

I recently read Jeff is voted among the ten most important American erotic artists by Dazed Magazine, part of an illustrious list with names like Jeff Koons, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Andy Warhol.

Click HERE and check out more of Jeff Faerber’s erotic art…!!!

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