The Taste Of Each Other’s Moans and Pheromones
04 juli 2019 
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The Taste Of Each Other’s Moans and Pheromones

At the moment the American artist Jeff Faerber (1973) is working on 5 shunga paintings at the same time.

In August there will be an exhibition called Erotica: The Art of Love, Nature and Dick Drawings (6 August – 25 August 2019) held by Black Space Oslo that most probably will include some of his erotic work.

Anyhow, you can find his most recent piece below. Love the striking patterns on both of the kimono’s…

male lover with striped kimono kissing his partner in the neck during sex by jeff faerber

Ascending heights in a clandestine visit, the two confidants taste each other’s moans and pheromones under the soft hum of the server’s cooling fan.” (July, 2019)

Click HERE for an extensive interview with the artist…!!

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