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Ozuma Kaname and His Tortured Tattooed Beauties
29 November 2017 

Ozuma Kaname and His Tortured Tattooed Beauties

The Japanese artist Ozuma Kaname, born in Niigata in 1939, was trained in classical Japanese painting by his uncle Sakai Soushi. His images are mainly inspired on the traditional subjects to which he adds beautifully tattooed (wabori) female figures tied-up in inescapable poses.

Horiyoshi III

Ozuma’s paintings were a major influence on the work of the popular tattoo artist Horiyoshi III (1946). In return, Horiyoshi’s clients were frequently used as models for his paintings. He signed his work only with his family name.

Tattooed girl tied to a snowy tree hanging upside down by Ozuma Kaname


Although Ozuma mastered the art of Japanese traditional tattooing, called irezumi, he himself became a huge inspiration for contemporary tattoo-artists. Especially his second book, published in 1995, is now an important reference.

Tied tattooed girl sitting on a snowy branch by ozuma kaname

Jigsaw Puzzles

His depictions of dragons and Buddhist deities can not only be found in the tattoo subculture but also in mainstream Japanese culture (such as jigsaw puzzles and postcards). This is quite an accomplishment since tattoos have a bad stigma in Japan. Ozuma Kaname’s tattoo paintings are seen as masterpieces among irezumi connoisseurs. He died from cancer in 2011.

ozuma kaname: tattooed female seeing from the side

(Source: Terrienseul)

tied girl licked by a kitten ozuma kaname

Tied girl lying in the water by ozuma kaname

Tattooed girl tied to a chair with a drip to her ass by Ozuma Kaname

Tied girl with giant dragon tattoo on her back by Ozuma Kaname

Tied girl hanging over a tree with her head above a bucket of water by ozuma kaname

Tied girl being whipped to her tattooed ass by ozuma kaname

ozuma kaname tattoo

Ozuma Kaname painting with a sensual nude beauty sporting a large tattoo

(Photo source:

ozuma kaname: nude tattooed beauty in the snow

nude beauty with a back and butt tattoo of a dragon by Ozuma Kaname

nude beauty with a back tattoo of a female warrior by Ozuma Kaname

Ozuma kaname: tied tattooed female hanging over the water

Ozuma kaname: tattooed female sitting on a rock holding a fan

ozuma kaname painting depicting a tattooed female tied to a pole in a shed

ozuma kaname painting depicting a tattooed beauty tied to the ground with poles

tattooed female with a tattooed female tattooed on her back by Ozuma Kaname

Ozuma kaname: sitting female with spider tattoo on her back

The following video shows more amazing tattoo art by Ozuma Kaname:

Mijn film (Azuma Kaname)

Click HERE for ancient shunga art with tattooed protagonists…!!!

About the author
Marijn is the founder of With more than 20 years of experience within the sensual and erotic art of shunga he is an authority in the genre. During this time he served many customers with complementing their art collection.


on 22 January 2018

Art is one thing but allowing zoophilia in art should be banned. Sexuality could and should be expressed without the use of an animal. I don’t get why people would like these kinds of ‘arts’ unless they are sickos who enjoy zoophilia. Very disgusting and disturbing!



on 23 January 2018

Thanks for your comments. I think art should not be limited and avoid any subject matter. Sexuality is and always will be one of the main themes in art, and art IMHO is about seeking truth not always beauty or ‘good taste’. Animals are part of our environment and yes, sometimes humans cross boundaries. It’s one of the “duties” of the artist to also explore these kind of truths and scenes of bestiality in art go a long way back for a reason. Can you enjoy/appreciate an artwork without being attracted to or identifying with the subject? Personally I have had this many times. Once I opened a book of Robert Mapplethorpe including very graphic pictures of SM homoerotic oriented content that at first glance (I am heterosexual) repelled me but I was drawn to it at the same time because it was so beautifully photographed (the tonal gradations were stunning). In an interview with the Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke he told the interviewer about a real-life event of two young Spanish men who had taken inspiration from his movie Funny Games in which two young men take hostage and submit a family to some sadistic games and eventually kill them. These delinquents who had taken a man from the street and tortured him to death are indeed sickos who enjoy violence and used the artwork as inspiration for their heinous crime but should this movie therefore be banned? I think not. It’s all about the integrity of the artist and it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Btw the above Ozuma print with the kitten I assume you are referring to, is of the most innocent kind.



on 10 March 2020

Yes, this is close to Alison Blickles' works indeed! PS As for 'zoophilia', one shouldn't forget about our mythologic narratives that are full of copulations of humans and animals. So this kind of images often has deeper roots than just someone's sick imagination.



on 10 March 2020

I agree with that. It is difficult for some people to understand that you can appreciate a work of art depicting subversive subjects without agreeing to what is depicted. It is all about the integrity of the artist.

Ozuma Kaname – Animus Meminisse Horret
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